Root Creek Falls Hike on Saturday, May 8th

It’s another Mount Shasta Trail Association guided hike!

If you like waterfalls, you’ll LOVE this moderate hike to Root Creek Falls in the Castle Crags area. It’s a 350 foot waterfall that was recently “discovered ” by a State Park ranger. As the “story” goes, he was checking out a complaint of vandalism. While looking out the complainant’s picture window, the ranger noticed these huge waterfalls, practically in the resident’s backyard. Root Creek waterfalls are best seen in spring time when the snow is melting. The water is roaring down now.

Please join us for this 5.6 mile, 700 foot elevation gain hike May 8th. We’ll meet at the Fish Hatchery parking lot 9 am. We’ll return to the Fish Hatchery by 3 pm. For further questions call Joan Roemer 926-0647.

There is no charge for participating in this hike and everyone should dress warmly in layered clothing, wear durable hiking shoes, and bring lunch and water.

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  1. Terri — and everyone — enter “Root Creek Falls” into Google and then select “Images.” There are a couple of shots of Root Creek Falls there.

  2. You will not believe it–Joe estimates there were 38 hikers today!! Some were returnees and others were new folks. I have it on good authority that “a good time was had by all,” as we say in the south. But John, here’s the thing I wanted you to know–Joe met four hikers returning from the falls who were from Redding, and had read about this hike on your web site. Simply a great job! Michael

    1. Wow, great to hear that Michael! We’re getting the word out about the great hiking in and around Mount Shasta.

  3. I apologize for posting this here as well as on Mr. Soares’ personal site; I’m covering all the bases.

    There will be a good annular eclipse of the sun on Sunday, May 20th. The centerline of the path of the eclipse passes just 15 miles south of Castle Crags; thus, the eclipse will look just about as good as Castle Crags as on the centerline. The significance of Castle Crags lies in the fact that the altitude of the sun at mid-eclipse (around 4:30 PDT) will be about 20º. This presents an opportunity to photograph the eclipse against the background of Crags. However, this requires a site from which some part of the Crags is, say, 19º above the horizon line. There are very, very few sites anywhere in the country where such geometry can be found, and Castle Crags is one of them. I have not walked the ground, but study of topo maps as well as photos of Root Creek Falls suggest that this would be an ideal location. Indeed, the photos I have seen of Root Creek Falls against the dome seem almost perfectly aligned.

    So, my question is, can you provide me with directions to follow the hike in 2010? Will I need any special permissions?

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