Siskiyou Wanderers August 2010 Hiking Schedule

The Siskiyou Wanderers are a very active local hiking group that hikes every Thursday throughout the year. Here’s the August 2010  schedule:

Aug 5: Deadfall Lakes/Mt. Eddy: Let’s enjoy this beautiful hike to the top of Mt. Eddy. For those wishing not to hike to the top of Mt. Eddy, can hike to one of the Deadfall Lakes to fish, swim or just relax.
AD: ~6-9 miles THE: ~6,200’ AEG: ~1,000’/2,800′ PMP: Edgewood Junction T: 8:30 am.

Aug 12: Russian & Waterdog Lakes: Let’s hike Russian Lake and Waterdog Lake from the South Russian trailhead up the long South Russian Creek Canyon.
AD: ~11 miles THE: 4,600′ AEG: ~2,500′ PMP: Bob’s Ranch House, Etna T: 8:30 am.

Aug 19: South Gate Meadows/Gray Butte: Hike from near the Old Ski Bowl site on Mt. Shasta to South Gate Meadows via the Gray Butte trail. Loop back to the trailhead via the Old Ski Bowl site.
AD: ~8 miles. THE: ~7,762’. AEG: ~1,200’. PMP: Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery T: 8:30 am.

Aug 26: Big Duck Lake: A nice lake in the Russian Wilderness. You may wish to bring your fishing pole or swim suit and enjoy lovely Big Duck Lake. Those with more energy can hike to Little Duck Lake.
AD: ~9-10 miles. THE: ~4,400′ AEG: ~2,200′ PMP: Bob’s Ranch House, Etna T: 8:30 am.

Legend to the Schedule:

  • AD: Approximate round trip distance.
  • THE: Trailhead elevation.
  • AEG: Approximate elevation gain.
  • PMP: Principal meeting place.
  • T: Meeting time at PMP.
  • DDT: Distance to trailhead.

5 Replies to “Siskiyou Wanderers August 2010 Hiking Schedule”

  1. Er…I have the only comment? Want to know what the current condition of South Gate Meadows is. Lots of water or dried up? Multiple courses or one channel. Flowers? Thinking of going this weekend and want to know current conditions before I commit seeing as how I’m in San Francisco.

    1. Doug, I haven’t been there yet this year. My bet is that now is an excellent time to go.

      Call the Mount Shasta Ranger Station at 530-926-4511. They should be able to give you a good idea of current conditions.

  2. Doug, for some reason your last comment didn’t show up here on the blog. Here’s what you said:

    “They said they’d heard it was a good time to go but no specifics on whether the water was in multiple channels or one, flowers blooming etc. Somebody has to have hiked there recently but googling has yet to reveal a forum where the current conditions I’m talking about are discussed. ”

    You may have a hard time finding someone who’s been recently. I think now is a very good time to visit.

  3. I went anyway and initially got lost thinking I was supposed to head east out of upper Panther Meadows.

    I even tried to google flickr to see meadow conditions but no luck. Both descriptions of where to go I downloaded were not good enough. Ran into naturalist Johnny at upper Panther meadows (where I originally parked) and he said its the small parking place just *below* the final parking lot. Went up and sure enough there is a big official sign and sign-up cards to describe your trip in case the rangers need to look for you. I wanted to get a later start so I wouldn’t have to deal with high UV flux (I hate putting on sunscreen and it doesn’t completely protect anyway) but with the delay caused by the bad trail desciptions by the time I got to South Gate Meadows the sun had just left the meadows *&%$#@!

    The two larger (and by larger I mean about 6 inches and 9 inches across depending on terrain) watercourses meet where the trail comes in to form one small stream. The other smaller braided channels were dry. Rats. Flowers were mostly NOT unfurled just yet so for me I managed to miss all 3 things that I wanted (too late in season for multiple watercourses, too late in day for sun on meadow, too early in season for blooming flowers peak). Still it was very nice to see the area and especially the wandering watercourses.

    Next few weeks should be go time for flowers. I would expect that next weekend (Aug 28, 2010) the flowers will be at their peak.

    I did not go far upstream to the waterfall or go down very far.

    The initial climb from the parking lot is the hardest climb of the day. After cresting the ridge you go down into Hummingbird “creek”. Just above this is an area of many anemones (sp?) I believe the flower is called. Continuing down just before another large ridge a path comes in from the right. Go left. Good sign here saying you are 0.5 miles in from the parking lot and 1 mile from South Gate Meadows. After a small climb you will be crossing a fairly flat area with lots of shattered boulders. Then for the first time you enter thick forest and go up and down and up and down small amounts until you pop out maybe a 1/4 mile later at the meadows. You can hear some waterfall while in the forest but I’m unclear on whether that’s the one uphill or what.

    The civil twilight and later full moonlight provided enough light to hike back after dark for the most part. I don’t like to use my infrared headlamp because you don’t get as good a three dimensional image of the path so I used it only a little. Unfortunately the weather was almost completely clear so I couldn’t get much in the way of dramatic sunset photos.

    Sure hope this helps somebody cuz this writeup is what I wanted to find before I went!

    1. Doug, thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry it didn’t go as well as you would have liked.

      I was at Horse Camp a few days ago and wildflowers are at full peak on the way there, and are likely about the same on the route to South Gate Meadows.

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