Spring Hill Trail Construction — We Want You!

The Spring Hill Trail is nearing completion, but we need a bit more of your help. Here’s an e-mail from Joe Wirth, the president of the Mount Shasta Trail Association:

The current status of the main Spring Hill Trail is that it is nearly completed. The end is truly in sight! The last switchback before the top and the top itself remain to have the brush removed. We need a crew of 6-8 people to work for a half day to finish the job. Please let me know if you are available either on this Friday, August 6th or Saturday, August 7th.

The primary tools are loppers and small hand saws. These will be provided by the Mt. Shasta Trail Association. One or two chain saws would also be helpful since they speed up the work significantly.

Later this month we will put together a crew to complete a side trail to a rock outcropping and the top of the hill.

E-mail Joe at joe.wirth “at” prodigy.net and let him know of your availability. He’ll get back to you with the details.

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  1. Is there any trail work that will be done these comming weeks? I am available for trail work that might be tended to now. Tnx, Mark 926-3277

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