Spring Hill Trail Nearly Completed!

Here’s a recent e-mail from MSTA president Joe Wirth:

Over this past Friday, Saturday and Sunday we learned what seventeen volunteers can do in 60 hours of hard work. If they’re on the 1 ½ mile Spring Hill Trail armed with chain saws, loppers and Pulaskis, they can complete the brush trimming on the main trail all the way to the top, thereby providing one of the most beautiful views of Mt. Shasta and the surroundings in our entire area. They can begin the removal of slash by a combination of chipping and physical removal from the trail. And they can start creating the side trail to a rock outcropping, with yet more fabulous views!

To say our trail crew volunteers made progress during these three days is truly an understatement. They and the others who have previously worked on the trail are Mt. Shasta ’s version of the “A-Team.” On behalf of the Trail Association and our community, thanks so much. So I invite each of you, our members, to visit this beautiful trail and see for yourselves.

* Directions: Drive north on Mt. Shasta Blvd. and turn right on Ski Village Drive across from the entrance to the city park. Proceed a short distance to a stop sign and drive straight ahead to the parking area at the trailhead. It takes about 40-45 minutes to hike to the top of the hill. On these hot afternoons it is best to hike before noon.

One of the reasons we’re inviting you to see this trail over the next week or so is that we need your ideas about what to do with the center of the circle in the newly constructed (thanks to Chris Marrone) parking circle. This is the most visible area as you approach the trail and therefore needs to be beautiful and attention getting; require minimal maintenance and no water.

After your visit please give us your comments and suggestions on this post (or send an e-mail to joe — joe.wirth at prodigy.net. We hope to complete work on the trail over the next few weeks and to hold a dedication ceremony in late fall. Looking forward to your feedback.

Southerly view from Spring Hill. Note North Mount Shasta Boulevard and Mount Bradley Ridge. (Photo courtesy of John Schuyler)
Southerly view from Spring Hill. Note North Mount Shasta Boulevard and Mount Bradley Ridge. (Photo courtesy of John Schuyler)

4 Replies to “Spring Hill Trail Nearly Completed!”

  1. My wife and I were visiting your beautiful City and dropped by the Visitor Center for a “short” hike suggestion. She sent us to Spring Hill. While it was hot (we waited till mid-day to begin), it was well worth it. We do a lot of hiking and your group should be commended for a job well done. The strategically placed benches and tables at the top make it easy for folks who need a rest, to do so easily.

    A good day.

    1. Bart, we’re so glad you and your wife enjoyed Spring Hill. We’re very proud of it, and it’s so nice to have an easy trail right at the edge of town.

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