Spring Hill Progress — And More to Do Thursday and Friday

From MSTA pres Joe Wirth:

A big event today!! We completed removal of the brush trimmings from the remaining two switchbacks. The trail has now been trimmed from top to bottom. Many thanks to the more than thirty volunteers, many of whom worked several time, for all the hard work. Over 150 labor-hours have gone into completing the trail. Much sweat with great results.

The work that remains to be done is:

1. Removal of weeds from the parking circle and planting whatever we choose to put in the area.

We will be working on weed removal tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 7. If anyone is interested we will be at the parking area starting at 9:00 and continuing until noon.

2. Completion of the side trail to the rock outcropping.

The plan is to work on cutting our way through the manzanita on Friday, Oct. 8. We need two volunteers with chain saws and two helpers to remove what has been cut. If you are interested please let met know. We will meet in the parking area at the trailhead at 9:00 and work until around noon.

3. Completion and placement of benches and picnic tables.

Work is in progress on benches and picnic tables will be ordered from the Opportunity Center. We will need a pickup to haul them up the trail and several people to put them in place and anchor them to the ground or nearby trees. I will let you know when we are ready to do the work.

If you can help with Mount Shasta’s Spring Hill Trail, please e-mail Joe: joe.wirth -at- prodigy.net.