River Adventures of the West and Beyond Presentation in Mount Shasta on March 16, 2011

The Mount Shasta Trail Association encourages you to attend this River Exchange event. The River Exchange does great work in the Mount Shasta area, and this program should be very interesting. I know there’ll be at least one MSTA board member in attendance — me.

The Details…

As part of their Sustainable Watershed Series, the River Exchange is hosting a “River Adventures of the West and Beyond” images screening on Wednesday, March 16th, from 7pm to 9pm at Mt. Shasta City Park’s Lower Lodge. Local river enthusiasts Rick Demarest and Jack Moore will present unique river pictures and answer questions from the audience.

Jack Moore is a local outdoor enthusiast and retired businessman who travelled to the remote Asian monarchy of Bhutan in search of new whitewater adventures. Enroute, he encountered pristine rivers amidst tropical jungles and Himalayan peaks, the coronation of Bhutan’s last king and ancient Buddhist fortress monasteries that are still inhabited today. Jack will share images from his experiences during this once in a lifetime kayaking adventure in Bhutan.

Rick Demarest is the owner of Turtle River Rafting Company, and has been running the rivers in our local area for over 30 years. His expanded interest in western rivers began back in 1985 with his first trip through the Grand Canyon.  From February 6th to March 7th of this year, Rick is co-leading a group from the western US & Canada down the Colorado River. Traveling for 280 miles below Glen Canyon Dam from Lee’s Ferry to Lake Mead, their trip combines river running with canyoneering. Each day will find them climbing high above the river to access the incredible slot canyons seldom seen on a standard river journey. Rick will share photos from this latest Grand Canyon river journey.

”Between both of them, Jack Moore and Rick Demarest have decades of river adventures under their belts,” says Robin Singler, Administrative Director of the River Exchange. “By giving these local river lovers a chance to share their experiences with the public, the River Exchange aims to inspire a deeper appreciation for the role water plays in our lives and the need to instill watershed stewardship in our youth.”

The Sustainable Watershed Series is an on-going River Exchange program that provides public educational events in the community. The River Exchange is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promoting healthy watersheds through community involvement in stewardship, restoration and education. For more information, call the River Exchange at (530) 235-2012, or email mail@riverexchange.org.