Siskiyou Wanderers Hike Schedule for April, 2011

Here’s the April, 2011 schedule for the Siskiyou Wanderers (reprinted with permission):

Apr 7: Lovers Leap: A cross-county hike to a well known prominent butte above the Gazelle Callahan Rd. Somehow, I’ve always missed this hike. Word is the views are outstanding and we should be treated to some early wildflowers.
AD: 6 miles THE: 4,500′ AEG: 500′ PMP: Gazelle Grange T: 9:00 am.

Apr 14: Lake Siskiyou: We will be helping to prep the trail for the up coming Ride Slide Run and Glide event as we hike along the lake trail between the resort & the campground.
AD: 6 miles THE: 3,200′ AEG: 400′ PMP: Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery T: 9:00 am.

Apr 21: Mt Shasta City Park/Spring Hill Trail: Come celebrate the Wanderer’s 25 th Anniversary. Come rain or shine – we’ll be INDOORS this year! Bring you place setting, beverage and favorite pot luck dish to share as we celebrate with old and new friends. Also, remember to bring your camping gear donation for the Horizons Wilderness Program – it’s tax deductible!
AD: 2-5 miles THE: 3,200′ AEG: +/- 400′ PMP: Mt. Shasta City Park Lower Lodge T: 9:30 am.

Apr 28: Medusa Flats: A new hike north of Hilt in the Klamath National Forest led by Frank Fick. This is one of Frank’s all time favorite hikes. The wildflowers should be abundant this time of year.
AD: 5 miles. THE: xxx’ AEG: 500′ PMP: Yreka Mall T: 9:00 am

Legend to the Schedule:

AD: Approximate round trip distance.

THE: Trailhead elevation.

AEG: Approximate elevation gain.

PMP: Principal meeting place.

T: Meeting time at PMP.

DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead.

And There’s Also the Siskiyou Meanderers

These folks hike most Fridays. For more information contact Benita and Neal Clark at 926-2424.