Siskiyou Wanderers Hike Schedule for May, 2011

Here’s the May, 2011 schedule for the Siskiyou Wanderers (reprinted with permission):

May 5: Cinder Cone Cinco de Mayo: A reliable loop in Shasta Valley; the Hotlum/Cinder Cone Loop. You’ll warm up nicely on the climb to the ridge and be rewarded with beautiful views of both Black Butte and Mt. Eddy. Bring your favorite Mexican potluck dish to share for the fiesta celebration at Fred Kabat’s house in Shastina.
AD: 8-9 miles THE: 3,800′ AEG: 2,200′ PMP: A-12/Hwy 97 T: 9:00 am.

May 12: Beswick Rd: This was a well liked, new hike we did last year. We start just above CopCo Lake; where the river rafters take out.
AD: 10 miles THE: 2,640′ AEG: 200′ PMP: Yreka Mall T: 9:00 am.

May 19: Weiss Ranch: Jeff & Cindy Weiss have graciously agreed to share their unique & beautiful land with us again this year. Jeff will lead us from the house up the hill to the east for a different perspective pointing out native grasses & wildflowers. A don’t miss hike! We’ll need to carpool to reduce the number of cars to the house. (Sorry No Dogs)
AD: 5+ miles THE: 2,780′ AEG: 1,000′ PMP: Montague Statue T: 9:00 am.

May 31: Herd Peak: Another hike I’ve never done – this scribe business has it’s perks. We’ll trek up the road to the old lookout and enjoy our lunches while gazing out over the Shasta Valley.
AD: 7 miles THE: 6,100′ AEG: 1000′ PMP: A12 & Hwy 97 T: 9:00 am.

Legend to the Schedule:

AD: Approximate round trip distance.

THE: Trailhead elevation.

AEG: Approximate elevation gain.

PMP: Principal meeting place.

T: Meeting time at PMP.

DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead.

And There’s Also the Siskiyou Meanderers

These folks hike most Fridays. For more information contact Benita and Neal Clark at 926-2424.