Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls Trail

I wrote last week that the trail to Mossbrae Falls along the railroad tracks is now closed.

However, the Mount Shasta Trail Association is working with the City of Dunsmuir, the Union Pacific Railroad, and the St. Germain Foundation to create a trail that will run approximately two miles from Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls. Nothing official yet, but we’re excited at the prospects.

Stay tuned!

3 Replies to “Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls Trail”

  1. Prospects for an eventual trail from Hedge Creek seem pretty dim at this point. The St. Germain Foundation has gone to apparent considerable expense to erect formidable fencing and signs that prevent people from crossing their property to access Mossbrae Falls. Bureaucrats at Dunsmuir City Hall couldn’t shed any light on the status of negotiations to obtain access. Right now there is no way the public can safely or rightfully access this phenomenal natural attraction.

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