Siskiyou Wanderers December 2011 Hike Schedule

Here’s the December, 2011 schedule for the Siskiyou Wanderers (reprinted with permission):

Dec 1: Grass Lake: Come walk off your Thanksgiving gobble-gobble with your fellow Wanderer’s. We saw a herd of elk the last time we were here. It can be muddy in areas.
AD: 6-7 miles THE: 5080′ AEG: 350′ PMP: A12/Hwy97 T: 9:00 am.

Dec 8: Deadwood/French Creek: We’ve not done this hike since 2000. There wasn’t any description other than it’s a loop hike. Deadwood was once a thriving community the size of Yreka, although there is nothing there now. Al knows the way – and the history!
AD: xx miles THE: 1010′ AEG: xx00′ PMP: Yreka Mall T: 9:00 am.

Dec 15: Ney Falls: An easy hike to some pretty falls near Lake Siskiyou. Additional mileage can be achieved by continuing on up the logging roads or maybe someone will invite us over for an early Christmas feast (HINT – HINT)
AD: 3-6 miles THE: 3100′ AEG: 500′ PMP: Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery T:9:00 am.

Dec 22: Girard Ridge: A hike known for it’s wide variety of fungi up the PCT from Soda Creek. If conditions don’t look favorable for this northside hike, then we can go eastward and hike the McCloud River. Either way we’ll meet at the Fish Hatchery.
AD: 8+ miles THE:2100′ AEG: 2000′ PMP: Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery T:9:00 am.

Dec 29: Quartz Hill/Oro Fino: An enjoyable road hike to Quartz Hill Lookout to see the New Year in.
AD: 4-5 miles THE: 2950′ AEG: 1300 PMP: Yreka Mall T: 9:00am

Legend to the Schedule:

AD: Approximate round trip distance.
THE: Trailhead elevation.
AEG: Approximate elevation gain.
PMP: Principal meeting place.
T: Meeting time at PMP.
DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead.

And There’s Also the Siskiyou Meanderers

These folks hike most Fridays. For more information contact Benita and Neal Clark at 926-2424.