Local Screening of Pedal-Driven: A Bike-Umentary

The Mount Shasta Trails Association, the US Forest Service, and the International Mountain Biking Association will be showing the new documentary film “Pedal-Driven” on Friday, February 3rd, 2011, at 7 PM at the Black Bear Gallery in Mount Shasta.

This award winning one-hour documentary examines the issues surrounding mountain bike trail management and conflicts between mountain bikers and public land management agencies like the US Forest Service.   “Our primary theme here revolves around sustainability”, said writer/director Jamie Howell.  “Mountain biking is exploding around the world. We have to find new, cooperative approaches that both allow it as a legitimate use and manage it in a way that prevents the destruction of our precious and limited natural spaces.”

Pedal Driven: Mountain Biking DocumentaryFor more than two years, the film-making team traveled across the Western United States, compelled to tell a story of clandestine groups of rogue mountain bikers who build illegal trails on America’s public lands. Footage was collected from both sides of the conflict, battle lines were drawn, illegal trails were ripped out and existing trails were shut down.  Along the way, a shift occurred with both sides coming to the table, new partnerships were forged and sustainable biking opportunities were built.  The film aims to inspire a dialogue about where mountain biking belongs on the American landscape and to explore the responsibility we all have to balance our personal interests with the need manage our public lands in a sustainable manner.   The film is laced with stunning scenery, thrilling ride scenes with professional riders, and candid interviews with land managers, mountain bikers, and community leaders from around the West.

Representatives from the US Forest Service, the Mount Shasta Trail Association, and the International Mountain Bike Association will be on hand to discuss the issues raised by the film and to foster a constructive dialog about mountain bike trail management and opportunities in our community.   In addition, there will be an update on the Gateway Trail project, an exciting new recreation trail built in cooperation between the Forest Service and the Mount Shasta Trail Association.

You can find out more about the film and watch a trailer at www.pedaldriven.org.

For additional information, please contact Joe Wirth at the Mount Shasta Trail Association at 926-2858 or Kai Allen at the US Forest Service at 926-9610.