Siskiyou Wanderers July 2012 Hiking Schedule

Here’s the July 2012 schedule for the Siskiyou Wanderers (reprinted with permission)

Jul 5: Fawn Creek Meadow: A lovely meadow that is always a favorite for wild flowers! Perhaps we can cool off with a beer at the Goat afterward. Another favorite!
AD: 6-7 miles THE: 5650′ AEG: 800′ PMP: Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery T: 8:30 am.

Jul 12: Mt Ashland PCT: We’ll start at the Siskiyou Gap and strive for the Jackson Gap (towards Dutchman’s Peak) on the PCT. Scenic views, wildflowers, maybe even some mushrooms along the trail. (Richard)
AD: 11+/- miles THE: 6400′ AEG: 500′ +/- PMP: Yreka Mall T: 8:30 am.

Jul 19: Russian Lake: The most beautiful lake in The Russian Wilderness, nestled in rugged granite. This year we’ll hike in from the southern exposed Deacon Lee TH. (Robbie & Richard)
AD: 8 miles THE: 6850′ AEG: 1000′ PMP: Callahan T: 8:30 am

Jul 26: Little Crater Lake: A unique opportunity to visit this sweet little lake nestled on the eastside of Mt Eddy. Steep terrain over cross-country trail yields unmatched views of Mt Shasta and the Shasta Valley. (Karl)
AD: 6 miles THE: 6500′ AEG: 3000′ PMP: Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery T: 8:30 am

Legend to the Schedule:

AD: Approximate round trip distance.
THE: Trailhead elevation.
AEG: Approximate elevation gain.
PMP: Principal meeting place.
T: Meeting time at PMP.
DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead

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And There’s Also the Siskiyou Meanderers

These folks hike most Fridays. For more information contact Benita and Neal Clark at 926-2424.