Siskiyou Wanderers January 2013 Hiking Schedule

Here’s the January 2013 schedule for the Siskiyou Wanderers (reprinted with permission)

Jan 10: McConaughey Gulch: We’ll start at the end of the pavement, beyond most of the houses, on this county road that goes up through a lovely little drainage dotted with rustic ranches. Pack a snack, but save your appetite for lunch at the Etna Brewery.
AD: 6-8 miles THE: 2900′ AEG: 500-800′ PMP: Callahan T: 9:00 am.

Jan 17: Snow Day: Another chance to play in the snow. Maybe trek up to Horse Camp or take it easy on the Gateway Trail. We’ll decide based on conditions and mood of the group.
AD: 3-5 miles THE: 5000-6000′ AEG: 500-1000” PMP: Mt Shasta Fish Hatchery T: 9:00 am

Jan 24: Hovey Gulch Rd: A road hike from Little Shasta Cemetery past the infamous ‘coyote-tail tree’ north toward the summit where the road descends into Willow Creek drainage. Great views on a clear day.
(Shasta Valley residence can meet at the Cemetery at 9:30am)
AD: 8-9 miles. THE: 2800′ AEG: 800′ PMP: Yreka Mall T: 9:00 am

Jan 31: Sheep Rock: Linda & JT Martin will lead us to this prominent rock formation via the historic cattle trail the Martin family has used for generations to move their cattle to summer grazing land. Afterward we’ll gather at Greg & Leslie’s for a chili potluck.
AD: 6 miles THE: 4000′ AEG: 1300′ PMP: Mayten Store T: 9:00 am.

Legend to the Schedule:

AD: Approximate round trip distance.
THE: Trailhead elevation.
AEG: Approximate elevation gain.
PMP: Principal meeting place.
T: Meeting time at PMP.
DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead

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And There’s Also the Siskiyou Meanderers

These folks hike most Fridays. For more information contact Benita and Neal Clark at 926-2424.