Castle Crags Dome Trail Hike, Saturday June 8, 2013 (Updated May 27, 2013)


The Castle Crags State Park has been reopened!! The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites the public on a strenuous and sometimes steep, 5.5 mile round-trip hike to the sky scraping granite spires called the Castle Crags scheduled for Saturday, June 8th.

The elevation gain is 2200 feet. Participants will first walk through the forest to Indian Springs and then hike out in the open, amid the granite slabs and pinnacles where the postcard views of Mt. Shasta and the Crags become more and more spectacular.

Castle Crags are actually part of the Klamath Mountains, not the Cascade Range, and are much older. They were formed by granitic magma slowly cooling underground (as a “pluton”) and subsequently became exposed at the surface through uplifting and erosion.

This is the same way that the granites of Yosemite formed. In fact, the Klamath Mountains broke off from the Sierra Nevada about 60 million years ago. Mount Shasta, in contrast, was formed by relatively recent surface eruptions (within the last several million years), and its rock is andesite (a type of basalt).

Hikers will meet at  111 Morgan Way in Mount Shasta, in front of the Best Western Tree House Motor Inn at 9 am and carpool to Castle Crags State Park. Note, this is a new meeting place since this event was first announced.  Bring lunch and water and expect to return about 4:30 pm. Pets are not permitted on this trail.

For further information contact Joan Roemer 926-0647.

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