Trinity Alps Presentation — Tuesday July 16, 2013

On Tuesday night, July 16, at 7 p.m., the Mount Shasta Library will present an evening discussion about the nearby Trinity Alps Wilderness with Tim Sims, Mount Shasta resident and recent author of an eBook on the subject. The evening is part of an ongoing effort by the library to support local writers.

“This should be a pleasant evening not only for book lovers,but also for nature lovers and for hiking enthusiasts,” said librarian Terry Thompson.

Sims’s book, My Trinities: Playing in Northern California’s most spectacular wilderness, is published at The book is both a memoir and a trail guide, full of adventure and humor.

The July 16th evening at the library will include readings from Sims’s book, a look at photos from the Trinities, and a chance to ask questions about the hiking experiences available in the Trinity Alps and the trails and lakes in Russian Wilderness.

Sims has written and ghostwritten several other books, but this is his first eBook and his first foray into this subject area.

“I like to say, ‘This isn’t your grandfather’s trail guide,’” said Sims, “because this book has a lot more attitude and is much broader ranging than the Trinity Alps trail guides I read a couple of decades ago.

“I’ve taken my knowledge of 135 Trinity Alps lakes (and 36 Russian Wilderness lakes), most of the tallest Trinity peaks, and every major trail; combined that with my research into the history, geology, and botany of the region; put in 50 photos; and thrown in tons of funny stories, life-and-death dramas, wildlife anecdotes, and stream-of-consciousness narratives designed to bring the reader right into the experience,” said Sims. “It’s been a labor of love for me: it’s my legacy for a future generation of wilderness lovers.”

There is no charge for this event. The Mount Shasta Library is located at 515 E. Alma St.


Contacts:Librarian Terry Thompson can be reached at or 926- 2031

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