Great Shasta Rail Trail Run – May 18, 2014

Attention runners and joggers!  The Shasta Land Trust is hosting a run on the Great Shasta Rail Trail (the McCloud River Railroad railroad bed) east of McCloud.  The date is May 18th, with the event beginning at 9:00am.  Details are still being worked out but the run is should be about 4 miles.  This is not intended as a competitive race (no awards or t-shirts) but more an opportunity to get folks out to explore the trail.  There will be refreshments at the finish and photos taken and provided to each participant.  There will be a $20 fee.

For more information on the Great Shasta Rail Trail and its history go to this link.

To purchase tickets go to here  and click on “Wildways/Our Events” near the top.  Then scroll down and click on “10. Great Shasta Rail Trail”.  Be sure to select Non-Member, unless your a member of the Shasta Land Trust.


Photo by Women’s Running