New Railings on River Trail Bridge at Castle Crags State Park

Root Creek Railings 053

Recently a group of Trail Association volunteers, led by Mark Telegin, replaced the  wood railings on the River Trail foot bridge over the Sacramento River in Castle Crags State Park.  The old railings were in terrible shape and posed a safety hazard, in addition to not portraying the desired park image.  To remedy this situation, the Trail Association members stepped forward, applying their carpentry skills, and worked with park personnel to get the job done.  The results is a beautiful wood entrance to the suspension bridge over the rushing river waters.  The shady River Trail is located in that portion of the state park east of the Sacramento River and can be access from the Riverside Picnic Area and Campground.  Below are links to the park brochure and the Trail Association’s description of this trail.  Enjoy!


River Trail

2 Replies to “New Railings on River Trail Bridge at Castle Crags State Park”

  1. How do I find out what trails you are working on? I’m interested in working on some of the projects.


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