Whitney Falls Trail Update

If you’re not a follower of Bubba Suess’s website — Hike Mt. Shasta — you should be!  He recently posted a very informative blog on the trials and tribulations of the Whitney Falls Trail, which the Trail Association worked on last spring (link).  See the link below for his posting and be sure to sign up to follow his blog:

Hike Mt. Shasta Blog


2 Replies to “Whitney Falls Trail Update”

  1. Any recent news on this trail? July 2016…Whitney Creek is flowing and would like to find and see the falls? Directions please????

    1. Kathy, in regards to your question on Whitney Falls. I climbed up to Whitney Glacier today via the Bolam TH and took a side trip to the Falls. The Falls has a good stream of water coming over the top. The Bolam Creek drainage is flowing as well. Once you park at the TH, you have to cross the drainage and you will get wet feet. The flow is slower in the morning but increases during the day. Please be aware that the flow can increase enough to make it to dangerous to cross and it’s subject to mud flows. There is a trail to the Falls but a large section of it is obliterated (permanently gone). You will see where the trail ends and from there you have to climb up the hill and traverse the hillside until you reach the trail again. Note, the brush has grown in on the hillside so some bushwhacking is needed and prepare to get your legs scratched. Once you connect with the trail again, just follow it to the Falls. If you have never been there before there is a short spur trail off the main trail leading to the Falls. You will see a pink ribbon on a tree that I placed there last January when I snowshoed up there. Good luck and have fun…

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