New signs installed on Gateway Trail

2016MSTAsignsJune24Stump 2016MSTAsignsJune24PigFarm 2016MSTAsignsJune24AccessGatewayThanks to Mark Telegin and Neil Jacobs for help installing nine new directional signs on the Gateway Trail system today.  One at the trailhead directs people to the trail and away from the gravel road.  One at the north Gateway crossing directs people up the road to the next sign.  Two signs were placed on Tunnel Trail identifying Stump Trail and can be seen from either direction.  Pig Farm Trail is now identified at the top and bottom from either direction.  A final sign shows the way from Stellar Way up the fire road to the south Gateway crossing.

One Reply to “New signs installed on Gateway Trail”

  1. Very nice. Now how about a sign at the EMH entrance that says pick up your dog poo and trash.

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