Work day at the Spring Hill trailhead

2016Jun26SpringHillscoutsworking 2016Jun26SpringHilltrafficcirclework 2016Jun26SpringHillgroupstonemarker 2016Jun26SpringHillfinalThe Mt. Shasta Trail Association believes in developing partnerships in our community.

After noticing that the trailhead at Spring Hill was overgrown, Jill Harris of Crystal Geyser contacted Dave Affleck, who organizes the Boy Scouts.  MSTA was called for reinforcements.

This morning, about 14 boy scouts and adults gathered at the trailhead at 8 a.m. to clear four-foot tall weeds, brush, trees, logs, and slash.  The traffic circle was also addressed.  It was a vortex of activity, and we were done by 12:30.  Thanks to all who participated.  See the attached photos, and drop by the trailhead to check it out in person.