Remember the Mount Shasta Trail Association on Giving Tuesday

The last 12-18 months have been busy with the following activities:
— Completing the beautiful new Chalet segment of the Lake Siskiyou Trail
— Maintaining and improving trails in the city park (in conjunction with Rotary)
— Developing loop trails south of the city park to connect the park and Kingston Road, with the ultimate goal of a “City Park to Downtown MS Trail” (Crystal Geyser was instrumental in making this possible)
— Working behind the scenes to create a hiking/biking/equestrian trail from MS to Dunsmuir (we’re still at it)
— Making plans with the Great Shasta Rail Trail Association and the Siskiyou Land Trust to acquire the railroad line between MS and McCloud
— Adding new signage to the Gateway Trail
— Maintaining the Spring Hill Trailhead and numerous trails in Castle Crags State Park
— Building two pedestrian bridges on the Box Canyon Trail and considering extending that trail
— Exploring realistic options for safe pedestrian access to Mossbrae Falls, and obtaining a large donation to make that possible
— Obtaining a $420,000 grant from the McConnell Foundation to partner with the Forest Service to extend the Gateway Trail by 38.5 miles.  The Mount Shasta Mountain Bike Association was instrumental in securing the grant and raising money.

All these projects (and others) will be very expensive to complete.  The cost of the Gateway Trail extension alone will likely exceed the grant amount by at least $100,000, but we believe it will create an economic boost for the community.

To help us achieve these goals, please remember the Mount Shasta Trail Association on Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2017.
You can go to, select the MS Trail Association, and donate between 6 am and 8 pm.  If you wish to schedule your donation before Nov. 28, you can go to the website after Nov. 14, create an account, and donate.  Your credit card won’t be charged until Nov. 28.

Boy Scouts cleaning up at the Spring Hill Trailhead
Installing signs on the Gateway Trail
Working in the city park with volunteers from Wholesale Solar and MSTA
Spreading chips on trails in city park

Please pass this information on to anyone who loves trails, nature, and the great outdoors.
Thank you!