This morning, in 28-degree weather, over 35 hardy people showed up at the Park and Ride in south Mt. Shasta.  We caravanned into the forest and eagerly attacked the mass of trash and discarded items.  I bet we loaded more than five tons of stuff into dump trailers and left the forest looking beautiful.

The excitement over the massive response was palpable, and I think people actually had fun.  We were nearly finished in about 90 minutes (that’s what happens with a giant group).

It is a joy to live in a community where so many people take personal pride in respecting and preserving our natural surroundings.

Thanks to all who participated, but a special thanks to Tom Heilmann, Bubba Seuss, Sean Doyle, Dennis King, and Ruth Altous for heavy equipment and hauling.  Ruth, please contact me if you haven’t disposed of the pile of tires.  Thanks, John Livingston (Redding Sierra Club) for driving up from Redding.  Kudos to Clean and Safe Mt. Shasta, Siskiyou Land Trust, and the Mount Shasta Trail Association for publicizing the effort.

If you want to become part of this movement to clean up and maintain trails, please personal message me on Facebook or send an email via the MSTA website.

Photos to follow.