Why You Should Stay on the Trail in Panther Meadow

The snow’s finally melting up on Mount Shasta and in Panther Meadow, and I heard that Everitt Memorial Highway is now open to the Old Ski Bowl.

Here’s an important press release from the Shasta-T on protecting the fragile environment in Panther Meadow. Note that you should also follow these guidelines whenever you are in fragile meadows, whether on Mount Shasta or elsewhere.

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is asking the public to stay on the designated trails when visiting Panther Meadow, a sub-alpine meadow system located on the southern slope of Mount Shasta.

“The snow on Panther Meadow is just beginning to melt and the meadow is at its most vulnerable stage,” said Marcus Nova, Assistant Recreation Officer for the Shasta McCloud Management Unit. “As we have done in previous years with above-average snowfall to protect this fragile ecosystem, we ask that visitors enjoy this meadow system by staying on designated trails or viewingfrom a respectful distance.”

Historically, the meadow has received a considerable amount of foot traffic from forest visitors and recreationists. This intensive use has affected the meadow’s botanical and aquatic resources. In recent years, a cooperative effort by local tribes, volunteers and the Forest Service has been effective in re-establishing native species and improving the trail system to minimize erosion.

For more information, please contact the Mt. Shasta Ranger Station at (530) 926-4511.