Three Mount Shasta Area Men Cross the Trinity Alps in Winter

Local hiking legend and justly famous outdoors writer  (and recent Mount Shasta Trail Association slide show presenter) Tom Stienstra just wrote a San Francisco Chronicle column about three local (or mostly local) guys who crossed the Trinity Alps in eight days — in winter:

The expedition started at a location so remote and snowbound that it took a helicopter drop to get them started. In the next eight days, they climbed and descended 8,500 vertical feet while crossing the Trinity Alps and its formidable Sawtooth Ridge – including in blizzards that dumped 2 feet of snow and set off multiple avalanches in their paths.

And the Three Mount Shasta Area Guys?

  • Dennis Campbell
  • Ray Pettengell
  • Chet Kyle

Congrats gentlemen! We want to see pics and video soon…