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Created in 1989, Mount Shasta Trail Association provides inspiring outdoor experiences, advances appreciation of the beauty of the Mount Shasta area, and assists in educating the public in environmentally sound stewardship.

MSTA is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. We build trails, advocate for more access to trails and trail protection, and work to conserve the natural beauty of our area. In addition, we offer a selection of resources to aid newcomers and experienced hikers alike.

Latest News

Successful Cleanup in Forest Near Old McCloud Rd

Ten volunteers cleaned up an access road off Old McCloud yesterday. The attached photo shows Mary Marcina (who identified the mess) barking orders to the crew like a master sergeant as they gather up a discarded, plastic, above-ground pool. It didn’t…
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Gateway II Trail Work Underway

Considerable work has already been done to convert the previously illegal “MX” trail (also known by some as Lower Bear Springs) to a legal part of Gateway II. Some problems have been fixed, the flow has been greatly improved, and several…
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Mount Shasta Trail Association creates new trails in the Mount Shasta area, maintains existing ones, and helps conserve the natural resources that make these trails such an attraction. We also advocate for preserving and expanding access to local hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

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