Trail Guides

Easy Trails

Easy trails are suitable for anyone. No previous hiking experience required.

Trail Region Distance (mi) Gain (ft) Features
McCloud River’s Three Waterfalls McCloud 3.8 300 Waterfalls, River, Forest
City Park to Downtown Greenway Mt Shasta City 2 0 Sacramento River Headwater
Elsa Rupp Trail Mt Shasta City 1 0 Interpretive Trail, Forest
Bear Trail Weed 1.5 0 Forest
Lake Siskiyou Loop Lake Siskiyou 9 0 Lake, Swimming, Views
Box Canyon Trail Lake Siskiyou 3 0 Forest, River
Castle Lake Trinity Divide 1 0 Interpretive Trail, Lake, Swimming
River Trail Castle Crags 2.2 100 River, Swimming
Indian Creek and Flume Trails Castle Crags 2.6 300 Interpretive Trail, River, Views

Moderate Trails

Moderate trails offer a wide variety of options. Be sure to read the details of each trail – some are quite the challenge!

Trail Region Distance (mi) Gain (ft) Features
Spring Hill Trail Mt Shasta City 3.25 650 Views
Gateway Mt Shasta City 10.7 480 MTB Trails, Views
McCloud River Preserve McCloud 5.4 350 Interpretive Trail, River
Squaw Valley Creek McCloud 10 800 River, Swimming, Waterfall
Gray Butte Mt Shasta 3.4 750 Altitude, Views
South Gate Meadows Mt Shasta 4.6 1100 Altitude, Views
Castle Lake to Heart Lake Trinity Divide 2.2 600 Lake, Views
Castle Lake to Mount Bradley Ridge Trinity Divide 6 950 Lake, Views
Seven Lakes Basin Trinity Divide 6 1250 Lake, Views
Burstarse Falls and Sulphur Creek Castle Crags 6.4 950 River, Waterfall, Views

Strenuous Trails

Strenuous trails will challenge many hikers. Previous experience and some fitness is advised.

Trail Region Distance (mi) Gain (ft) Features
Castle Dome and Indian Springs Castle Crags 5.4 2200 Views
Old Ski Bowl / Green Butte Mt Shasta 2.6 1350 Altitude, Views
PCT to Porcupine Lake and the Deadfall Lakes Trinity Divide 23 2150 Altitude, Lake, Views
Parks Creek to Deadfall Lakes and Mount Eddy Trinity Divide 10 2500 Altitude, Lake, Views
Sisson Callahan Trail (upper portion) Trinity Divide 10.4 2750 Altitude, Views
Black Butte Mt Shasta City 5.2 1850 Altitude, Views


Hiking trails and driving to trailheads entails certain potential dangers. We describe how to get to the trail and how to stay on the trail. However, you need to be prepared for anything and everything that nature and people can do to you. You bear responsibility for your actions and their consequences, not us. That said, prepare well and then get out there and explore and enjoy!

Other Resources

Looking for more? You’ve only scratched the surface! Siskiyou county offers endless hiking, biking, kayaking, swimming; if it involves the wilderness, you can do it here!

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