There is a lot of controversy about e bike use on USFS lands, and it is currently prohibited in non-motorized areas. The USFS is reviewing this policy and will likely make a decision sometime soon. If you wish to express an opinion (either pro or con), here are the methods:

  1. Call Don Lee at the USFS office in MS at 530-440-4509.
  2. Email Don Lee at don.lee@usda.gov
  3. Send a letter to Don Lee at the US Forest Service Ranger Station, 204 W. Alma St., Mt. Shasta, CA 96067.

Siskiyou Land Trust webinar on Thur, Jan 13 at 7 pm

The Siskiyou Land Trust, in conjunction with the Avalanche Center and USFS Climbing Rangers, is offering a webinar that will inform us of events that occurred on Mt. Shasta this past year, including the Lava Fire, mud flows, etc.

Basic info and easy to share the url here: https://www.siskiyoulandtrust.org/jan-13-the-year-on-mount-shasta-2021-webinar/
Go to @siskiyoulandtrust on Instagram or check out this link for a shareable Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/106961639332143/photos/a.284771701551135/5340648719296716/


In early 2021, Alyssa Winkleman applied for a McConnell Foundation equipment grant to purchase a powered wheelbarrow (also called a canycom) and two chainsaws. Guess what? She received the grant, and after some supply-chain delays we recently took possession of the chainsaws and the canycom (the total grant was for about $8,000). Ace Hardware and Stihl gave us a 15% discount on the chainsaws due to our nonprofit status. In addition, an anonymous donor came up with some chaps, protective helmet, gas can, and files for the chainsaws.

Thanks to Alyssa, the McConnell Foundation, Ace Hardware in Mt. Shasta, and Stihl (and the donor, who will remain anonymous).

The wheelbarrow will allow us to carry rock, gravel, soil, water, cement, or other heavy items up or down the trails. Its capacity is 1000 lb.

E Bikes on USFS Trails

There have been many questions in the last few days about e bikes and whether they are allowed on non-motorized USFS trails. The following is the official response from the USFS:

By definition, E-Bikes, also referred to as an electric mountain bike (eMTB) is a type of MOTOR vehicle with two wheels attached to a frame, one behind the other, equipped with fully operable pedals and an electric MOTOR of less than 750 watts that meet the requirements of one of three classes. The current Forest Service description of non-motorized trails is exactly that – no motor. Therefore, e-bikes are considered motorized and not allowed within the Gateway Trail System or any non-motorized trails on national forest system lands. The Forest Service is currently reviewing policy directives. If you’d like more information it is recommended to contact the Shasta McCloud Management Unit, Shasta-Trinity National Forest at: 530-926-4511


There are increasing reports of motorcycle riders on established Gateway trails and new trails currently under construction. This post is a reminder that access roads and single-track trails within the Gateway System are for non-motorized use only, including hikers, runners, bicyclists, and horseback riders.

The Mount Shasta Trail Association (MSTA), in partnership with the US Forest Service (USFS), has raised and spent about $550,000 over the last 11 years to create these trails. Finishing the newest 46 miles of trail will require at least another $1.5 million and several years of construction. The trails are carefully planned and designed according to Forest Service specifications and will not tolerate motorized use. Motorcycles damage the trail tread, increase maintenance costs, and decrease sustainability. In addition, heavy vehicles traveling at high speed are a significant risk to pedestrians, dogs, and bicyclists. Use of these trails by motorcycles is prohibited by Forest Service regulations. 

Some motorcycle riders have commented on social media that they are being “kicked off trails” they have traditionally used and have asked why MSTA isn’t building trails for them. Please understand that all these trails on USFS land are created with the consent, approval, and participation of the USFS. The designation as non-motorized is a decision made by the USFS.

Requests for more motorized trails or more access should be directed to USFS personnel. The Travel Management Plan and Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) available from the Forest Service show many miles of designated routes where motorcycle use is permitted. ( Shasta-Trinity National Forest – Home).

Interested users can find maps and information at the local USFS ranger stations as well.

Let’s all work together to optimize the use and sustainability of our trails.

Pile Burning On Ten Gallon Trail — Wednesday December 8, 2021

The US Forest Service Shasta-McCloud Management Unit fire and fuels programs will be burning slash piles on the newly constructed Ten Gallon Trail (BMZ-7), which is within the Gateway Phase 2 trail system. The first ¾  miles of trail will be CLOSED on Weds., December 8th (from proposed trailhead to where trail crosses the road – approximately ¾ mile long). For safety of yourself and FS fire personnel please respect this closure and stay out of the area. Prescribed burning signs will be posted on sites of closure.

As weather permits, the remainder of  slash piles on Ten Gallon, BMZ-11, and BMZ-12 will be burned as well over the coming weeks. The trails will be closed during burning operations. See map for locations.

DON’T FORGET MSTA ON GIVING TUESDAY (tomorrow, Nov. 30, 2021)

Nearly everything MSTA does (except what can be accomplished with volunteer work) costs money. That includes building trails, rerouting trails, buying signs, buying tools, getting permits, and doing environmental work preceding trailbuilding.

Please spread the word that Giving Tuesday is tomorrow and MSTA can use financial help to finish the mammoth trail construction project we have underway. Here’s the link: https://www.northstategives.org/mountshastatrailassociation

Thank you.

Gateway Trail Temporary Closures

Attention Gateway Trail users!

Mastication equipment is starting work near the trailhead on Monday, November 22nd. They’ll be working the trail sections closest to the parking lot and around the Lollipop trail. There will be temporary closures next week. As a reminder, never approach working mastication equipment. Stay at least 300 feet away. Thank you and stay safe!

Closure Map

Giving Tuesday — Oh Yeah — November 30, 2021

It’s hard to believe but we have created another award winning classic “Oh Yeah, the Movie.” This engaging iMovie was created with the hopes of inspiring donations to the MSTA for Giving Tuesday which is in November 30th, this year. Early giving begins November 16th. Please share with other trail lovers — whether they are hikers, mountain bikers, runners or equestrians!