Trail Work Day this Saturday, Oct. 29 at 9 am


We’re meeting at 9 am this Saturday just across from McBride Springs Campground on Everitt Memorial Hwy to repair the drainage in Cascade Gulch before more rain comes. It will be like creating a big rock puzzle just below the culvert, and will stabilize the Muir’s Ascension Trail.

Also, for those who don’t want to move or place rocks, Mike Hupp will be leading a group of bicyclists from the McBride meeting site up to the Ten Gallon Trailhead where you can park your car, jump on your bike, and ride down the Bear Springs Trail to cover slash piles with new plastic. You’ll get a workout and do some important trail work.

Don’t miss the fun!

Gateway Trail Construction Updates

We’ve posted the first in a series of updates describing Gateway Trail construction. The first blog can be found on the dedicated Gateway website, here. Maps of which trails have been completed will follow, and you can find a high-resolution map of all the planned trails with names on the site.

Trail Day to Fix Drainage in Cascade Gulch on Sat. Oct. 29

OK. The date is chosen. Let’s meet to fix the eroded crossing of Muir’s Ascension in Cascade Gulch just above McBride Springs on Saturday, Oct. 29. This is the segment of trail between McBride Springs and Ten Gallon that got partially washed out about 6 weeks ago.

We’ll need to fetch rocks and boulders nearby (there are lot of them, fortunately) and fit them into the drainage like a puzzle. It will be a fun project, and we’ll actually have people with knowledge to guide us on technique.

Let’s meet on Everitt Memorial Hwy just across from McBride Springs Campground at 9 am. If we pull the cars forward about 100 yards, we’ll be about 50 ft. from the worksite.

We hope to make this a group effort between MSTA, BikeShasta, and SORA. See you there!

Big Thank You to USFS Fire Crews

It is obvious that US Forest Service fire crews have been working tirelessly to help stop these terrible fires that are threatening all of us. But it’s important to also give them credit for other work that has moved the Gateway Trail Project forward. Several weeks ago, USFS fire crews from Missouri and Colorado joined our local crew from McCloud to engage in fire training. As part of that, they were assigned to consolidate and cover existing slash piles on some newly constructed Gateway Trails, and then remove brush on another new trail (Community Zone segment 6). This work is slow, hot, and very difficult, but it’s essential to prepare the trail corridor for Trail Labs to begin the excavation. Without it, there are no new trails through the heavily overgrown forest sections. In addition, every hour of this work done by the USFS saves MSTA on construction costs. Shown are Nick and Orion as they chop up a brush pile so it can be covered and burned this winter. The second photo shows the wide corridor and huge piles in preparation for the next phase of construction.

Trail Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Drum roll please . . . Congratulations to the Trail Challenge 2022 Treasure Hunt Grand Prize winner….Donna Larson!!

Trail Challenge Treasures Revealed

Treasure #1  The Madrone Tree on the Foundation Trail

Treasure #2 The car bodies on the Box Canyon Trail

Treasure #3 The small wooden bridge on the Lake Siskiyou Trail

Treasure #4 The old mining Flume on Flume Creek Trail

Treasure #5 The large anthracite rock on the Gateway Trail

Treasure #6 The heather at Panther Meadow Trail

Treasure #7 Upper Gumboot Lake Gumboot Trail

Treasure #8 The rock causeway on the Sisson Callahan Trail

Thanks to all that played and thanks for supporting the MSTA

2022 Trail Challenge — There’s Still Time!

Hello all you Mount Shasta Trail Association treasure hunters out there. Congratulations to those of you that have found some treasures, and a big congratulations to those of you that have found all of them!

This announcement is to let you know that it is not too late to continue hunting for treasures because each time you find a treasure your name will be added to the MSTA grand prize drawing, which will be on September 5th.  At that time , we will reveal all the treasures and the grand prize winner. The last day to post treasures to our website will be September 4th.

Thanks for playing and thanks for supporting the Mount Shasta Trail Association.

Lynda Hardy

SORA gets $1.1 million grant for Nordic Center and Gateway Trail System

Below is a link to the press release that announces SORA’s (Siskiyou Outdoor Recreation Alliance’s) receipt of a $1.1 mil grant to dramatically increase the facilities at the Nordic Center and to build 5 miles of new trail in the Gateway Trail System. While this is an amazing benefit for all the back-country skiers and snowshoers, it also means that MSTA now has an additional five miles of trail construction funded.

The press release also shows the map of planned trails and how they fit together. Note that SORA’s grant will fund the key connector trails currently identified as BMZ-8, 9, 13, and 14 (seen in orange on the map, with arrows and labels). MSTA will soon be posting updates on other trails recently constructed in the system and those will be available on the Gateway Trail website,

This is a big deal.

Final Trail Challenge – Treasure Hunt #8

To begin your search for the last trail treasure, start at the trail that connects Sisson to the Scott Valley. Follow the historic trail up the lower portion on the North “utensil” until you find a creek crossing. The boulder causeway is the last trail treasure.

Here are the rules of the hunt. Each time you locate a treasure, send us a photo or description of the treasure along with your contact information to: Then, your name will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize. In addition, the first person to locate each new treasure will receive their choice of a prize, and their name will be placed into the grand prize drawing.  For example, if you find 5 treasures your name will be added five times to the grand prize drawing.