One More Work Day on the Trail to Heart Lake This Saturday, June 12, from 9 to Noon

We have some more work to do to finish the trail to Heart Lake and I think we can get it all done in one morning. So, let’s meet in the Castle Lake parking lot at 9 am. We’ll hike up, dig in the dirt a bit, move some logs and rocks around to obscure one or two remaining old trail segments, and greet the masses of hikers who will be thanking you profusely. Now doesn’t that sound better than fixing sprinklers at your house? We’ll provide the tools, snacks, and drinks. Plan to be done by noon (or whenever you want to stop). Don’t miss it!!

Productive Day on the Heart Lake Trail

It was a gorgeous day on the trail to Heart Lake yesterday: clear, breezy, 65-75 degrees. Twelve MSTA volunteers were joined by USFS employees Paul, Haley, and Josh. Brian and Barb drove up from Redding. Five MSTA board members were in attendance. We did some further old trail decommissioning, cut new trail through a brush field to divert around some severely trampled and unsustainable routes, and clearly identified the trail we want all hikers to use by lining the path with rocks. While we worked, more than a hundred people walked by, thanking us as they passed. We’re thinking about finishing the project next Saturday; stay tuned for news.

Trail Work Day at Castle Lake this Saturday, June 5 at 9 am

This is your chance to contribute to the beautiful, less steep, more scenic, better-identified trail from Castle Lake to Heart Lake. Quite a bit of work has already been done, including that of nine Wanderers this morning, but more remains. You can choose from obliterating the old trail segments that were problematic, finishing some rock work on the switchbacks, improving the tread, cutting a brush field, or doing some fine rock work to clearly identify a single path in the Alpine zone (upper segment). Or just come to see all the volunteers and marvel at the trail. It will be a fun morning.

Hope to see you there!

New Kiosk Installed at Lake Siskiyou

A big thank you to Mark Telegin and Paul Schwartz for installing yet another kiosk along the Lake Siskiyou Trail in the Spini Meadow area. The kiosk was fabricated by Mark in his garage, disassembled, then reassembled on site. The deep holes for the support posts and concrete were dug by a County work crew (thank you Jason Ledbetter and workers), which saved us the hardest part of the job. The new, three-foot lake maps are being manufactured and will be placed on the kiosks soon.

Boy Scouts Help Clean Up Spring Hill Trailhead with MSTA

Last Wed., May 26, about 8 MSTA volunteers joined a dozen Boy Scouts and their scoutmasters to cut the weeds at an overgrown Spring Hill Trailhead. We had a bunch of weed whackers of various sizes and shapes, and the cut weeds were hauled by wheelbarrow to Bubba’s huge dump trailer and removed. We had some really young helpers alongside the scouts and MSTA regulars. Thanks to all!!

Second Trail Challenge Stewardship Prize Winner

The Mount Shasta Trail Association is pleased to announce our second  stewardship prize winner, Caryn Johansen. She is a volunteer for MSTA’s trail work days.

Our second steward award is sponsored by Jane Cohn, Michael Zanger, Linda Freeman and Ken Goehring. They donated a copy of their book, Mount Shasta Wild Flowers A Field Guide.

Congratulations and thank you Caryn!

All prizes can be picked up at the Mount Shasta Visitors center.

Hike to Heart Lake — Sunday June 13, 2021

The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites the public to join us on one of the premier hikes of the region. We will walk 2.2 miles round trip above glacial sculpted Castle Lake to  Heart Lake. This little alpine pond shaped like a heart has shallow waters warmed by the sun. The pond leads to a small ledge and beyond to a plummeting valley that rises up to 14,162 ft. Mt Shasta. The views are eye popping and jaw dropping. This moderate sometimes strenuous hike with a 600 ft. elevation gain is well worth the effort.

An interesting note: the saddle above Castle Lake just before we head up to Heart Lake is in an area of the Indian battle with the U.S. Cavalry where Joaquin Miller, poet of the Sierras, was wounded by an arrow that pierced his throat in June of 1855. Miller was a dubious historian as the facts are in issue.

We will meet in front of the Best Western Treehouse in Mt Shasta, 111 Morgan Way, at 9 am. Carpooling is an option. As we will be outside, we can be safely socially distant. Bring lunch, water and if interested, a bathing suit for a refreshing swim. Hiking poles are recommended. Expect to return by 3 pm. For further questions, call Joan Roemer 530 925 9644.

Heart Lake (John Thomson)

Work on the Gateway Reroute this Saturday, May 29, at 9 am

We’ll be doing another work day on the Gateway Reroute this Saturday at 9 am. Meet at the Gateway Trailhead for a short drive and then a 15 minute walk to the work site. Alyssa Winkleman will be directing the work.

The next opportunity will be a big effort up at Castle Lake on June 5 (National Trails Day) to make further progress on the new trail to Heart Lake.

Spring Hill Trailhead Cleanup Wed, May 26 at 6 pm

We’ll be cutting weeds and cleaning up the Spring Hill Trailhead with the Boy Scouts on Wed., May 26 at 6 pm. This is an annual event that is a lot of fun. If you commit one hour, we’ll power through the job (the Boy Scouts and their dads did most of the work the last few years!). Bring weed whackers and rakes. See you there.

Gateway Reroute Work Day Completed

Yesterday, Sunday the 16th, we had 12 volunteers rake and remove roots from the Gateway Reroute Trail. The views were spectacular. We got nearly the whole thing done, but there remains a lower section of about 400 feet that will need to be brushed out and finished later. There are also three rocky sections that will require some careful jigsaw puzzling of rocks to create flat, solid trail. The rock work is fun and creative, so if you want to help with this, contact Alyssa Winkleman, who will be leading this effort in the next 2 weeks.