Hiking Rules and Tips

Bring a Paper Map!

We provide links to PDF’s of our maps for you to print.  No excuse!

Learn and implement the comprehensive list of rules for wilderness safety and ethics compiled by Seattle Mountain Rescue: http://www.seattlemountainrescue.org/info/safety_public.htm

Follow the Leave No Trace principles: http://www.lnt.org/programs/lnt7/

Finding your way to the trailhead using Google Maps (maps.google.com):

  • Download the maps for offline use. Cell service is spotty in our mountains. With the latest phones Google Maps can route you without cell service if you have saved the maps for offline use before leaving home.
  • Google’s road line work is generally trustworthy but have the Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) with you as a check.
  • Google doesn’t always have the correct name for a forest road. They rarely have the forest road number, another reason to have the MVUM’s with you.
  • Most of the Trailheads in our Trail Guides can be found in Google Maps (They are “Hiking Areas”)
  • Because Apple Maps is not universal, we don’t bother to check it.

Using hiking apps:

  • Caltopo.com and App: The QR code on our maps can be used to load a map into the CalTopo app on your phone to use while hiking (free version). We also provide web links to the maps.
  • We provide .gpx files that you can download and then load into your favorite app or website