I am happy to report that there were 13 truly bored and nutty people who had nothing better to do on a beautiful Saturday afternoon than clean up trash in the forest.  We got a tarped encampment out of Cascade Gulch (bit of a fun trek down the gully and back), the last of the wood and metal from the Shastice site, and about 1/3 of the massive junk pile just off Everitt Mem. Hwy just north of the Gateway trailhead.  By the way, the trailhead parking lot was full all afternoon!

Many thanks to Glenn Harvey, Tom Heilmann, Patrick Stalder, Mike McArron, Mike Daly, John Moreno, Perry Sims, Mark Foster, Tina Ure, Steve Scharpf, Todd Cory, and Bill Broeckel (who drove down from Yreka to help us).  The large group made short work of the mess.

When the transients are completely gone from the Everitt site (and they are removing some of their stuff), we’ll go back and finish the job.