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From: Laura Cohen <>

Date: Mon, May 14, 2018 at 1:33 PM

Subject: Prop. 68 invests in trails!

To: Drew Dupuy <>

As you may know, Proposition 68 is going to the statewide ballot on June 5. Prop. 68 is a $4.1 billion bond that will improve and expand state, regional and neighborhood parks, restore and protect our coast and rivers, protect our drinking water and prepare for future droughts.   It’s been 15 years since California last passed a major park bond! What you may not know is that Prop. 68 – informally known as the Parks, and Natural Resources Water Bond  – will also invest in trails and greenways. If approved, Prop 68 could mean tens of millions of dollars or more for trails in California! 

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy worked closely with other advocates and lawmakers to help pass the Clean Water and Parks Act (Senate Bill 5) out of the Legislature to qualify it for the ballot in June, and to ensure the measure would invest in trails and active transportation along with other recreational facilities — especially in disadvantaged communities. We also serve on the Board of the Californians for Clean Water and Safe Parks committee working to pass the referendum.  

Prop. 68 contains trail-specific language, specifically allocating $30 million for competitive grants for nonmotorized infrastructure that promotes access to parks and other recreational facilities “to encourage health-related active transportation” and additional competitive grants for parks that includes trail eligibility. Notably, the initiative places a specific focus on improving neighborhoods with the greatest need for parks, trails and open space. 

We want to encourage you to take the following actions: 

1.                   formally endorse Prop. 68 (as an organization, individual, or both); 

2.                   Spread the word to your partners and members to support Prop. 68 through social media, and your other communications channels; 

3.                   Please let us know the steps you’re taking in support of Prop. 68 so we can report back to the campaign managers on progress (send an email to:

Clearly, the Parks, Environment, and Water Bond is a huge opportunity to improve Californians’ access to parks and water – but what’s not as obvious from the title is that its funding for trails means it should also be important to advocates for biking, walking, public health, and land use.  

Voting by mail starts early, so the time to act is now!  You can follow and like Prop. 68 on Facebook and Twitter in order to follow the conversation. 

Read more about Prop. 68 on our blog post, and remember to spread the word to your partner organizations that Proposition 68 on the June 5 ballot will create vibrant communities where everyone has access to parks, trails and clean water. 


Laura Cohen 

Western Regional Director 

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy