Trail Job at St. Barnabas Church

We’re going to have a few “work mornings” coming up to accomplish some trail maintenance while staying out of the heat.

On Tuesday morning, July 17, at 7:30, a few of us will meet in the St. Barnabas Church parking lot (Lassen Ave. west of the freeway and just west of Doctor’s Park) to trim out their trail.  We will mostly need weed whackers and a very few loppers/hand trimmers.

I have the MSTA push weed trimmer and two hand weed whackers, and Mark Telegin has a weed whacker, so if you can help for an hour, we’ll hand you a tool.

We aim to be done by 9:30 or 10.

Hope to see you.


PS: If you have one of those little nets that go over your head, you might bring it because this morning when we scouted the job, there were some of those little black flies that buzz around your face.  You can get one of those nets at Solano’s for $3.