A small group (Mark Telegin, Neil Jacobs, David Tucker, and Steve Russell) have put in many hours to construct a new bridge to replace a crumbling one in Castle Crags State Park. The research and engineering were done by Mark. The bridge was totally constructed in Mark’s garage, then disassembled and hauled to CCSP. On Friday morning, we’ll begin the work of prepping the site, hauling the bridge to the site, and putting it together. We could use a few extra hands. See the instructions for where to meet from Mark, below.

“I have talked to most of you about working on Friday at Castle Crags. At 9 am we will be meeting at the Flume Camp ground, out by the pond, which is about a mile up the paved road from the main entrance to the park. Bring tools for ground work like shovels, picks, rakes, loppers and gloves. There are some logs in the creek along with rocks and debris to work on. We will also be tending to the old bridge. I’m not sure how long it will take to prep the site, but we will talk about installing the new bridge while we are working and figure out when we can start on the last part of the project.”  Mark

Take a look at the bridge. Unbelievable job, I think. Guys, thanks for keeping our parks beautiful.