Earth Day Work Event at Castle Crags State Park

Hello Mt. Shasta Trail Friends,


Here are a few additional details about the work day this Saturday, April 20th:


  1. Breakfast begins at 8:30am at the main Castle Crags State Park entrance station kiosk, where it has been several times in the past.
  2. Volunteers fill out a sandwich order for lunch; Christie and Nick Corzine will drive the sandwich order back to Mt. Shasta Supermarket.
  3. Ranger Todd Barto will give a safety orientation just before 9am.
  4. We will hand out the attached maps, we have to drive to the work site.  Parking is very limited, please help car pool to the site if possible.  Parking is on Riverside, a narrow one-lane road.
  5. John Harch will bring the tools.  Todd Barto needs to bring a backpack leaf blower for the Boy Scouts to practice with (Mark and Glenn will also have leaf blowers).
  6. Christie and Nick will return with sandwiches.  Sparkling flavored water is provided by Crystal Geyser.
  7. There is no piped water to Lippincott e-camp.  There is a pit toilet.
  8. Volunteers should clothing appropriate for the weather, which may include some showers in the morning.  Wear boots, a hat, sunglasses, gloves, and long pants and a long sleeved shirt to protect against poison oak.


Work Plan:   Volunteers are welcome to join Mark and me at Lippincott e-camp on Thursday and Friday to prepare for the work day on Saturday.  We will thin trees and cut brush, and leave it to be dragged into piles and burned by the Boy Scouts and volunteers on Saturday.  There is poison oak in the area.  This is moderate to heavy work this year, there are not a lot of light duty jobs.


Help Needed:  Please welcome our neighbors and friends, thank them for coming, and PLEASE TAKE PICTURES!  We will start with a group picture at breakfast.




Glenn Harvey