Another Chainsaw Class

For those of you who missed the recent chainsaw certification class, and who are irrational enough to donate 3 days of your time, there’s a second chance. Josh McNulty of the USFS is conducting a class for firefighters on May 28, 29, and 30 from 9:30-3:30 and has graciously offered to include trail volunteers who wish to become more proficient with their saws. You do need to also obtain CPR training to get the certificate.

I can say that those of us who participated 10 days ago learned what we should have known about chainsaws years ago. It was fantastic, and free!

I should add that I will be offering a mini course at my house (soon) to try to impart what I learned, but I must admit that I am an unworthy neophyte who can only parrot the basics to others. Josh, Josiah, and Mark are the real experts, and they make it fun.

If you want to attend, call Josh at 925-1047, or email him at