Big Cleanup in Weed on June 26

On Wed., June 26, at 9 am, the following groups are combining forces to clean up an illegal dump site/campground in Weed, just east and south of Grocery Outlet: Gear Up of Weed, the City of Weed, Clean and Safe Mt. Shasta, and the Mt. Shasta Trail Association. We already have commitment from Kelsea Ochs of Gear Up to bring about 20 kids and adults, and with 10-20 people from MSTA and Clean and Safe, we could have over 50 volunteers.

The City of Weed has agreed to provide 2 dump trucks and a flatbed, and pay dump fees.

Please reach out to friends in Weed, and anyone else concerned enough about trash to give up a couple hours in the morning. We’ll meet on the street between Grocery Outlet and Taco Bell. Bring gloves, water, boots and long pants. We’re working on getting drinks and snacks.

Ready to have some fun with garbage?