Shasta-Trinity NF Closure Order Lifted — With Some Exceptions

The temporary closure of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest has been lifted as of 8 a.m. on Saturday the 19th. Therefore, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest is OPEN for public entry, with some exceptions. Many other national forests in California remained closed.

Specifically, the Shasta McCloud Management Unit established a forest closure order prohibiting dispersed camping in certain areas on the Unit. These areas are open to day use. The two areas are: South Fork Zone and a Mount Shasta Zone. This is in effect until October 31st. Additionally, the Bunny Flat gate will remain closed for the remainder of the season, which includes no camping in Panther Meadows Campground (area behind the gate is open to day use). The gates on Castle Lake Road and just above McBride Springs CG on the Everitt Memorial Highway will be opened on Monday when the County is able to do so. That’s when day use sites above these gates will re-open

All fire restrictions are still in effect. Therefore, no campfires, no propane grills, no ignitions of any sort – this includes in developed campgrounds.

Here are links to a news release, the closure order and map identified the areas closed to dispersed camping.

View of Gateway Trail expansion area

Trail Challenge Extended to October 1st

Since we still have 11 of the prizes (Hydro Flask tumblers) remaining, we’ve decided to extend the Challenge to October 1st. All you have to do is complete 8 trails listed on the passport and email us the list of those trails. Here’s a link to more information: link

Dreaming of a Hydro Flask tumbler

West Parks Creek Lake Trailhead — Closure for Bridge Replacement

From the Forest Service:

Starting August 31, the Shasta-Trinity National Forest will begin work to replace the West Parks Creek OHV trail bridge with a new bridge. The new bridge will provide a safe crossing of the stream for motorized vehicles 50” wide or less, reduce sediment delivery into West Parks Creek, and restore meadow conditions adjacent to the trailhead. The West Parks Creek bridge is located at the end of Road 41N73, on the Shasta McCloud Management Unit off of Parks Creek Road, 42N17. The trailhead to West Parks Creek Lakes will be closed during construction so parking will be limited. The project is scheduled to last 30 days, but may be completed within a couple weeks of the start date. If recreating in this area, please use caution when around heavy equipment and only pass the worksite when signaled to do so. Please call the Mt. Shasta Ranger Station if you have any further questions at (530) 440-4509.

Meadow along West Parks Creek

2020 Trail Challenge — Get Your Passport Now

The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites you to participate in the 2020 Trail Challenge. This year’s challenge features 10 trails that highlight the beauty and uniqueness of our area.

It is an excellent opportunity to participate in an event that naturally socially distances participants while being part of a larger group event.  This is a great opportunity for families to have many outdoor experiences together.

You have until Aug. 31st to complete 8 of the hikes listed on the passport. The first 70 people to complete their will receive a Hydro Flask tumbler!   For more details and links to individual trail guides visit our 2020 Trail Challenge page, or download and print out your passport here.

Take the Challenge!

Get Ready For New Gateway Trails!

The Mount Shasta Trail Association (MSTA), in partnership with the Forest Service and Bike Shasta, is pleased to announce work has begun on the expansion of the Gateway Trail network.

This project, located on national forest system lands administered by the Shasta McCloud Management Unit, will add 46.5 miles of multi-use non-motorized trail to the existing Gateway trails. While the final trails will be open to hikers, equestrians, trail runners and bikers, the primary use is expected to be mountain biking.  Thus, the trails are being located, designed and built, meeting USFS trail standards, with mountain biking in mind.

District Ranger Carolyn Napper approved the project on October 18, 2019, after a thorough review of all applicable environmental requirements and the Forest Plan for the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.  Funding the planning effort came from a variety of partners and grantors, including BikeShasta, the McConnell Foundation, the Mountain Wheelers, and the Mount Shasta Trail Association – truly a project with the community pulling together!

On-the-ground trail construction under direction from the Forest Service is being coordinated by the MSTA and Trail Labs, CO., a small business owned by internationally-known trail designer Andrew Pellkofer. The initial work is the clearing of vegetation from the trail construction corridor, making way for future building of the trail itself.  On-the-ground construction of the trails by Trail Labs, CO. is expected to begin later this year.  Trail Labs has hired local labor to conduct these activities.  Completion of the project is expected to take 4-5 years.

At this time, work is proceeding with strict COVID-19 safety precautions.  While the post-COVID-19 future is unclear, the Mt. Shasta Trail Association, Bike Shasta and the Forest Service are pleased to share this good news with the community.  Construction of the Gateway Trails will be a major contribution to outdoor recreation around Mt. Shasta.  As we move forward on this project, we expect that it will contribute significantly to Mt. Shasta City’s reputation as a hub for muscle-powered and trail-based recreation.  When things get back to normal, these fantastic trails will be there for everyone’s enjoyment.

Trail Corridor Clearing by A Crew From The Deadwood CDCR Camp

Trail Challenge and Annual Meeting News

The Mount Shasta Trail Association has postponed the annual meeting until further notice. In order to complete the 2019 Trail Challenge event and maintain social distancing, we decided to draw the special prize winner today. We would like to congratulate Katy Ostrowski!  The special prize this year is a $150 gift certificate for the Fifth Season.

The Mount Shasta Trail Association would still like to celebrate your accomplishment at our annual meeting. We will announce the date of the meeting in a few weeks.

If you are interested in participating in the 2020 Trail Challenge, the new passport will be available at the Siskiyou Science Festival in downtown Mount Shasta on May 16th. The passports will be distributed at MSTA orienteering booth.

Hope to see you out on the trails!

Trail Challenge Appreciation at MSTA Annual Meeting

Congratulations go out to those that completed all of the trails included in the 2019 Trail Challenge!

The Mount Shasta Trail Association wants to celebrate these accomplishments during our annual meeting on April 2, from 6:00-8:30. The evening will begin with a social hour of appetizers and drinks. It’s a great opportunity to meet other trail enthusiasts and find out more about current and future projects.  Then, near the beginning of our meeting we will have a drawing to determine the special prize winner. The location will be announced soon.