Hike the Gateway Trail with the MSTA on Saturday, May 19th, 2012

The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites you to join us on a moderate 7 mile loop hike Saturday, May 19th, 2012, on the brand new Gateway Trail on the flanks of Mt Shasta. We will start out with gorgeous views of the Eddys, Black Butte and Mt. Shasta and then enter the serene forest. We will climb a total of 700 feet.

The Gateway Trail, just constructed last fall, was created for hikers, bikers and horses by the Mount Shasta Trail Association in partnership with the Forest Service. The extensive network of Gateway and (existing) Tunnel trails have lots of opportunities for loops. This volcanic area used to be large brush fields dominated by manzanita brush. Hikers will see evidence of the herculean efforts made to convert the area to conifer plantations. This accessible trail is right in our own back yard, off of Everrit Memorial Highway.

Participants meet at the Fish Hatchery in Mt Shasta at 9 am. Bring lunch and water. We will return by 2 pm. For further questions call Joan Roemer at 926-0647.


Castle Crags Dome Trail Hike Saturday, June 18, 2011

Come join the Mount Shasta Trail Association on this strenuous and sometimes steep, 5.5-mile roundtrip hike to the sky scraping granite spires called the Castle Crags. The elevation gain is 2200 feet. We will first walk through the forest to Indian Springs and then hike out in the open, amid the granite slabs and pinnacles where the postcard views of Mt. Shasta and the Crags become more and more spectacular.

Castle Crags are actually part of the Klamath Mountains, not the Cascade Range that lies east and north, and are much older than the Cascades. Castle Crags formed by granitic magma slowly cooling underground (as a “pluton”) and subsequently became exposed at the surface through uplifting and erosion. This is the same way that the granites of Yosemite formed. In fact, the Klamath Mountains broke off from the Sierra Nevada about 60 million years ago. Mount Shasta, in contrast, was formed by relatively recent surface eruptions (within the last several million years), and its rock is andesite.

The event is free and open to the public. Participants should meet at 9 AM Saturday, June 18, 2011, in the fish hatchery parking lot to form carpools. The fish hatchery is located a quarter-mile west of the main Mount Shasta I-5 exit (the middle of the three) on the way to Lake Siskiyou.We will return about 4:30 pm. For further information contact Joan Roemer 926 0647.

Read more about the hike to Castle Dome here on Mount Shasta Trail Association Trails Guide.

MSTA board member John Soares hiking toward Castle Dome in about 1991 = "back in the day."
MSTA board member John Soares hiking toward Castle Dome in about 1991 = "back in the day."

Fawn Creek Meadow Hike on Saturday, July 9

Mount Shasta Trail Association and avid hiker Barry Price is leading an impromptu hike to beautiful Fawn Creek Meadow. Here’s what Barry says:

This is an exploratory hike, and may be cut short by snow drifts and/or fallen trees left from last winter before we can even get to the starting point.

If we make it, though, expect the greatest display of flowers as we gradually work our way up Mt. Eddy from 5000 feet to 6200 feet, micro climate by micro climate, from wet to dry, from full sun to shaded. It’s pretty cool, although, it’s likely to be hot, too.

Anyway, let’s meet at the Fish Hatchery at 9 am on Saturday, July 9. (Central Mount Shasta exit and then go west away from Mount Shasta for a quarter-mile. Go straight at the stop sign.)

We’ll car pool to the forest road off of FR 26, about 11 miles, and up a sometimes crude road. Bring a lunch. We’ll be back by mid-afternoon.