Trail Challenge 2022 Coming in May

The Mount Shasta Trail Association is going to host another Trail Challenge.  The 2022 Challenge will be a Treasure Hunt that will run for 16 weeks beginning in May.  A new treasure location and clue will be posted every 2 weeks.  There will be 8 treasures to locate . Each time you locate a treasure and post a picture or a description of the treasure to our website, your name will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize.

In addition, the first person to locate each new treasure will receive their choice of a prize, and their name will be placed into the grand prize drawing.  For example, if you find 5 treasures your name will added five times to the grand prize drawing.

Stay tuned for more information!

Hunting for treasure

Hike to South Gate Meadows — Saturday August 21, 2021

The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites the public on a 4.6-mile roundtrip hike to South Gate Meadow on Saturday, August 21. The hike is moderate with a 400 ft elevation gain and a high point of 7,900 ft.

The South Gate Meadow Trail is one of the most scenic and interesting trails on Mount Shasta. The trail starts at the Old Ski Bowl and passes through spectacularly barren moonscape toward the South Gate, a gap between the south end of Sargent’s Ridge and Red Butte, a large volcanic dome unsurprisingly composed of reddish colored andesite. The first part of the route stays above tree line, giving constant views including Black Fox and Buck Mountains to the east. Beyond the boulders the trail enters into a canopy of red fir forest leading to the Squaw/South Gate Meadow.

The meadow is an idyllic scene with lush grass carpeting the ground as numerous spring-fed creeks course their way through the meadow. The creek birthed at the springs responsible for the meadow is Squaw Creek Valley, which flows off of Mount Shasta, through the town of McCloud and into Squaw Valley Creek, beyond which it courses its way into the McCloud River. Above the meadow is Sargent’s Ridge, topped by Shastarama Point, Thumb Rock and Konwakiton Glacier.

Please note that dogs are not allowed in the Mount Shasta Wilderness which is where this hike is entering. Meeting place is 111 Morgan Way, the street in front of the Best Western Tree House Motor Inn (near Ray’s) at 9:00 am. Participants will carpool. Bring lunch, sun protection and water. Hiking poles are recommended. Expect to return by 3:00 pm. For further questions, call Joan Roemer 530-925-9644.

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Hike to Gray Rock Lakes — Saturday July 17, 2021

On Saturday, July 17th the Mount Shasta Trail Association invites the public on a moderate 2.5 mile hike with a 600 foot elevation gain to Gray Rock Lakes above the South Fork of the Sacramento River. While the trail is a bit of a scramble at times, the spectacular views and the pristine lakes makes it well worth the effort. Four-wheel drive vehicles with high clearance are needed to get to the trailhead. We will be carpooling as there is limited parking.

The meeting time and place is 9:00 am at 111 Morgan Way in Mt Shasta, in front of the Best Western Treehouse Motor Inn. Bring water, lunch and if interested, a bathing suit for a refreshing swim. A hiking pole is recommended. We will return by 4:00 pm. For further questions call Joan Roemer 530-925-9644.

Timber Lake on the way to Gray Rock Lakes

Hike to Heart Lake — Sunday June 13, 2021

The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites the public to join us on one of the premier hikes of the region. We will walk 2.2 miles round trip above glacial sculpted Castle Lake to  Heart Lake. This little alpine pond shaped like a heart has shallow waters warmed by the sun. The pond leads to a small ledge and beyond to a plummeting valley that rises up to 14,162 ft. Mt Shasta. The views are eye popping and jaw dropping. This moderate sometimes strenuous hike with a 600 ft. elevation gain is well worth the effort.

An interesting note: the saddle above Castle Lake just before we head up to Heart Lake is in an area of the Indian battle with the U.S. Cavalry where Joaquin Miller, poet of the Sierras, was wounded by an arrow that pierced his throat in June of 1855. Miller was a dubious historian as the facts are in issue.

We will meet in front of the Best Western Treehouse in Mt Shasta, 111 Morgan Way, at 9 am. Carpooling is an option. As we will be outside, we can be safely socially distant. Bring lunch, water and if interested, a bathing suit for a refreshing swim. Hiking poles are recommended. Expect to return by 3 pm. For further questions, call Joan Roemer 530 925 9644.

Heart Lake (John Thomson)

2021 Trail Challenge Page — New and Improved!

After posting a link to our 2021 Trail Challenge webpage yesterday, I was reminded by Board Director John Thomson that he had already worked up a much improved version.

The updated page has good information on the trails in this year’s Challenge, how to submit your trails, the stewardship component of the Challenge, social media, and links to trail descriptions. These links take you to Trail Guides that include trail maps, directions to trailheads, trail details, and more. No changes to the passport, so if you’ve already downloaded it, you’re good to go. You can get to the webpage by clicking here.

Hikers taking the Challenge

Get Ready for the 2021 Trail Challenge!

This year’s trail challenge will run from May 1 to October 1.

Welcome to the 3rd annual Mount Shasta Trail Challenge.  We want to share the beauty of our area with those who are inspired to get out and enjoy the vast trail system surrounding the mountain we call home. We are working hard on the trails to be included in the Challenge. Also, we are looking into how to reward those that take up the Challenge.

Stay tuned!

Taking the Challenge will put a smile on your face