Siskiyou Cycling and Trails Tourism Forum

The Siskiyou Cycling and Trails Tourism Forum will be a great event. We need your help and input to help use our natural beauty and our trails to boost tourism. It’s happening May 16 and 17, 2012 at Mt. Shasta Ski Park (the 16th) and in Yreka (the 17th).

Siskiyou Cycling and Trails Tourism Forum

Help Open Castle Crags State Park: Attend This Meeting on Thursday!

The Mount Shasta Trail Association, the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, and many other groups and individuals are working hard to reopen Castle Crags State Park.

But we need your help and your input.

There’s a very important public meeting at Sisson Museum in Mount Shasta at 5:30 PM this Thursday, February 16. There will be updates on current efforts and plans and ample opportunity for you to voice your concerns and share your ideas.

This meeting will be covered by local and regional media and it will have a substantial impact on local and state law-makers and bureaucrats. We need you there!

Please share this post and this information any way you can: e-mail, Facebook, etc.

On the trail to Castle Dome in Castle Crags State Park.
On the trail to Castle Dome in Castle Crags State Park.

Trail to Mossbrae Falls in Dunsmuir Is Closed

Just found out from Paul Reichow that the route to Mossbrae Falls is closed for now. Get the details from the Redding Record Searchlight:

Though city officials have begun the process of securing land and funding to build an official trail to Mossbrae Falls, a pristine waterfall on the Sacramento River, it’s at least two years away, said Jim Lindley, Dunsmuir’s city manager.

The current path to the falls — long a locally held secret now widely publicized on waterfall aficionado websites — requires hikers to trespass along a potentially dangerous, milelong hike on Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

See this important update on the proposed Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls trail.


McCloud Falls Hike with the MSTA on Saturday, June 4, 2011

With all the abundant snow this year, our waterfalls are a spectacular sight. The Mount Shasta Trail Association invites you to join us on a mellow 4-mile roundtrip hike to see the McCloud River Falls Saturday, June 4th. The falls tumble over old lava flows at least hundreds of thousands of years old that resulted in isolating ancestral trout above the falls that are now considered to be a unique subspecies (Mc Cloud Redband Trout).

The hike will begin along the Mc Cloud River at the powerful, shooting Lower Falls, originally named by the native Wintu Indians, Nurum-wit-ti-dekki (falls where the salmon turn back). The lower falls was the town’s swimming hole for many years. There used to be a metal ladder on the side of the pool so that the swimmers could climb out after jumping off the low cliff into the refreshingly cold water.

From there the hikers will walk upstream to the impressive, cascading Middle Falls, 70 feet wide and 35 feet high; then on to Upper Falls; and finally to the clear cold waters behind Lakin Dam. Lakin Dam was constructed by the original McCloud Lumber Company to divert water to the mill pond in McCloud. It’s around a hundred years old, and originally included wooden pipes wrapped in wire.  Some of the wire still exists in the deep pool below Middle Falls where older pipes had been attached to the cliff above the falls. The trail follows the old pipe route where the overlook and railing are located above the falls. Bigelow Meadow is behind the dam, and was probably a large meadow before the dam, but also probably became larger and wetter as the dam silted-in over the years. It is a very important wildlife habitat area, and includes willow flycatchers (a listed species).

The event is free and open to the public. Participants should meet at 9 AM Saturday, June 4, in the fish hatchery parking lot to form carpools. The fish hatchery is located a quarter-mile west of the main Mount Shasta I-5 exit (the middle of the three) on the way to Lake Siskiyou. We will return by around 3 p.m.

Middle McCloud Falls. (Photo by John Soares)
Middle McCloud Falls. (Photo by John Soares)

See more photos of Lower McCloud Falls and Middle McCloud Falls.

Fire Restrictions Now in Effect…

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest just put fire restrictions in place that affect all the trails on forest property, including around Mount Shasta.

Here are pertinent details:

Fire officials from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest announced that fire restrictions begin at mid-night August 11, 2010 within the forest except for the Trinity Alps Wilderness.

Fire restrictions include:

* No campfires or charcoal fires except inside established campfire sites. California Campfire Permits are required to build a fire within Forest Service developed recreation sites and designated fire safe sites. A list of designated fire safe sites is available at

* Campfires will not be allowed in the Yolla Bolla-Middle Eel, Chanchellula, Castle Crags or Mount Shasta Wildernesses.

* Smoking will be confined to enclosed vehicles or buildings, developed recreation sites and other designated fire-safe sites.

* Use of internal combustion engines is prohibited, except on roads and designated trails. All engines must be equipped with spark-arresting devices.

* Welding or operating acetylene or other torch device with an open flame is prohibited.

Siskiyou Wanderers June Hiking Schedule

Join the Siskiyou Wanderers for great hiking in Siskiyou County every Thursday. Here’s the June schedule:

June 3: Sacramento River Trail / Wanderers Annual Picnic: A potluck picnic in the park follows a hike of the Sacramento River Trail near Castella. Come help us celebrate our 24th year of great hikes with terrific friends in Dunsmuir Park. Bring your best potluck dish to share and/or meat to grill. All Wanderers, Meanderers and new hikers invited to celebrate spring, life and our special neck of the woods.
AD: 4 miles THE: 2000′ AEG: 50′ PMP: Dunsmuir City Park T: 9:30 am.

June 10: Cabin Meadows Creek: A new road hike in the beautiful Cabin Meadows Creek drainage east of Callahan. Depending on snow conditions m ay be able to hike to Cabin Meadows Lakes. Some cross country.
AD: 5-7 miles THE: 5,670′ AEG: 1,230′ PMP: Gazelle Grange/Jct Kangaroo Lake Road T: 9:00 am/9:35 am.

June 17: Campbell and Cliff Lakes: Hike this pretty trail along Shackelford Creek and enjoy streamside views, wildflowers, meadows, lakes, and forest. Let’s leave our footprints before the summer hordes descend.
AD: 10-11 miles THE: 4,750′ AEG: 1,400′ PMP: Yreka Mall / Greenview Grange T: 8:30 am/9:10 am.

June 24: Martins Dairy Area: A beautiful meadow beyond Goosenest Mountain. Should have plenty of spring flowers. Depending on snow, can either hike Martins Dairy road loop, to Panther Rock, or climb Ball Mtn.
AD: 6-8 miles THE: 6,000′ AEG: 500′-2,600′ PMP: A-12/Hwy 97 T: 8:30 am.

Legend to the Schedule:
AD: Approximate round trip distance.
THE: Trailhead elevation.
AEG: Approximate elevation gain.
PMP: Principal meeting place.
T: Meeting time at PMP.
DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead.

Siskiyou Wanderers May Hiking Schedule

Join the Siskiyou Wanderers for great hiking in Siskiyou County every Thursday. Here’s the May schedule.

May 6: Hotlum/Cinder Cone Loop: Join Igor and Suzanne on a trek in their neck of the woods. Hike the Hotlum/Cinder Cone Loop. See high desert flora as contrasted to our usual fare of alpine plants and trees. A grill/potluck lunch at Igor and Suzanne’s (5936 Jackson Ranch road) after the hike to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Igor and Suzanne will grill and provide the meat, everyone else bring a side dish or desert to share.
AD: 7-9 miles THE: 3,800′ AEG: 2,200′ PMP: A-12/Hwy 97 T: 9:00 am.

May 13: Weiss Ranch: This is a new hike. Jeff and Cindy Weiss (who live off the grid) gave their permission for the Wanderers to hike on their ranch. Should have plenty of wild flowers and great views of Shasta Valley.
AD: 5+ miles THE: 2.780 AEG: 800’+ PMP: Montague Statue T: 9:00 am.

May 20: Table Rock: Lower and Upper Table Rock (2 short hikes) north of Medford over looking the Rogue River. The views from these promontories s are great. But that’s not the reason for driving so far. This are is know for its many varieties of wild flowers (April-May peak season). NO DOGS! Poison Oak & Ticks to watch out for. Lets leave earlier due to travel distance.
AD: 3.5/2.5 miles THE: 1.300/1.200′ AEG: 700’/800′ PMP: Yreka Mall. T: 8:30 am.

May 27: Cabin Creek (aka, Squaw Valley Creek): A popular hike along a beautiful creek. Hike up the PCT to the saddle, thence down a road to the lower end of the creek trail. Hike the trail along the creek back to the trailhead.
AD: 10 miles THE: 2,200′ AEG: 2,600′ PMP: Mt. Shasta Fish Hatchery T: 9:00 am.

Legend to the Schedule:

AD: Approximate round trip distance.
THE: Trailhead elevation.
AEG: Approximate elevation gain.
PMP: Principal meeting place.
T: Meeting time at PMP.
DDT: Drive Distance to Trailhead.

Hike to Ney Springs and Faery Falls on Saturday, April 17th

The Mt. Shasta Trail Association invites its members and the public to join in a two-mile round trip easy hike on Saturday, April 17th, to the historic Ney Springs resort site and the spectacular Faery Falls.

Ney Springs was discovered by John Ney in 1887. It became a destination health resort based on the mineral springs there. The water has a pH of 11.6 and a silica content of 4,000 parts per million, the highest values known to occur in natural ground waters. The resort consisted of a hotel that housed 50 guests, a bath house, and boardwalks that meandered through the wooded forest. There was also a carriage house, a barn and several piped spring enclosures. All that can be found there now is some masonry foundations and a small trickling stream under the tall pines. It’s a wonderful stretch of one’s imagination to envision a lively resort at this now tranquil site.

A short walk upstream from the resort ruins leads to nearby Faery Falls, where Ney Springs Creek crashes nearly 60 ft (18 m) down a granite cliff face, forming a clear pool at the bottom. It could be the tallest waterfall in Siskiyou County, and at this time of the year it will be running with a roar, so this will be a great photo op.

Participants will meet at the fish hatchery parking lot at 10 am to form carpools. Everyone should dress warmly in layers, pack a lunch and drinks, and expect to be back to the fish hatchery parking lot by 3 pm. There is no charge for participation in this event, and it is suitable for children. Please call trip leader Joan Roemer (926-0647) for more information.