Mossbrae Falls, located in Dunsmuir, California, is one of the most beautiful natural features in the northern part of the state. Spanning about 300 feet, the falls seem to gush straight out of a lush, green hillside, providing a spectacular, cascading display for visitors. The sight is so special that people travel long distances to see it, coming from all over the world.

Unfortunately, the only way to access the falls is by trespassing along an active railway, and visitors must walk within a few feet of passing trains. Several years ago, a sightseer was struck by a train and severely injured.
The Mount Shasta Trail Association has been working for nearly 20 years to establish a safer path to Mossbrae Falls, without success. In the past 18 months, however, significant progress has been made. The current plan involves locating an official trailhead at Hedge Creek Falls, then constructing a pedestrian suspension bridge across the Sacramento River where the Hedge Creek Trail ends. The trail would continue north through a forested area below the train tracks and along the river, ending at Mossbrae Falls. The final trail would encompass both falls within about a half mile.
This is an exciting development, but it will be very expensive to complete the environmental reviews and actual construction.
The Trail Association has received a large gift to cover some of the costs, and is seeking grants to cover the remainder. In the meantime, we’re fundraising to show grassroots support for this wonderful project.
Please consider donating to the Mount Shasta Trail Association on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018. The online event may be accessed using
Stay tuned for more detailed information on this plan.