In recent years, the MSTA has spent Earth Day in Castle Crags State Park clearing trails, thinning brush, rebuilding the theatre in the campground, etc. It is usually a big event, with 30 or 40 volunteers from a variety of communities.

This year we’ve had to cancel the event due to social distancing requirements. But Mark Telegin, ever the eager workhorse, suggested we have “Earth Day on your own.” He wants to encourage everyone to get out on their favorite trails, trim encroaching brush, rake leaves or pine needles, and pick up trash. Or, just look for problems, take pictures, and report it to MSTA so we can get crews out there when it’s safe to be together again.

You should know that the USFS has closed their public lands to all volunteer work (for the same reason), so those are the areas to take photos and make reports (unless you just can’t stop yourself from picking up that discarded beer can!).

Attached is a photo of two Marks (Telegin and Foster) working in Castle Crags State Park last year, where a major thinning/cleanup was done.

Keep up the muscle-powered recreation!