Trail Clearing at St. Barnabas July 27 at 9 am

The St. Barnabas Trail has become totally overgrown and completely obliterated by weeds, so we’re having a work morning next Tuesday, July 27, starting at 9 am. We need 4 volunteers to run weed whackers (2 walk-behind and 2 portable) and 2 or 3 people to rake away the weeds so the weed whackers can proceed. This is not terribly hard work, and the reward is a nice, clear trail and some comraderie. If you can show up for even 30-60 minutes, it would be appreciated. With a dozen volunteers, we’ll be done in 60-90 minutes.

Please meet in the St. Barnabas Church parking lot on Lassen Lane just west of the freeway overpass and Doctors’ Park. I’ll be there between 8:30 and 9:00 preparing the power tools and rakes. Bring water, gloves, ear and eye protection (if you don’t have the gear, I’ll have some).

Fourth Trail Challenge Stewardship Prize Winner

The Mount Shasta Trail Association is pleased to announce our fourth stewardship prize winner, Bubba Suess. Bubba and his kids often volunteer for MSTA’s trail work days and the cleanup of illegal dump sites.

Bubba won a $25 Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce gift certificate that can be used at local businesses. This prize is sponsored by the MSTA. All prizes can be picked up at the Mount Shasta Visitors center.

Here they are with Bubba and his Boy Scout troop working on the Spring Hill Trail.

Helping with trails runs in the family!

Hike to Gray Rock Lakes — Saturday July 17, 2021

On Saturday, July 17th the Mount Shasta Trail Association invites the public on a moderate 2.5 mile hike with a 600 foot elevation gain to Gray Rock Lakes above the South Fork of the Sacramento River. While the trail is a bit of a scramble at times, the spectacular views and the pristine lakes makes it well worth the effort. Four-wheel drive vehicles with high clearance are needed to get to the trailhead. We will be carpooling as there is limited parking.

The meeting time and place is 9:00 am at 111 Morgan Way in Mt Shasta, in front of the Best Western Treehouse Motor Inn. Bring water, lunch and if interested, a bathing suit for a refreshing swim. A hiking pole is recommended. We will return by 4:00 pm. For further questions call Joan Roemer 530-925-9644.

Timber Lake on the way to Gray Rock Lakes

New Gateway Trail Website

You might want to check out the Gateway Trail website that was recently finished and taken live. It features a lot of content, including the following sections: Location (explores local attractions with links), Expansion (reviews the Gateway project, including a video), Partners (all the folks and organizations who’ve joined us in this endeavor), Stewardship (how to be kind to nature), Frequently Asked Questions (hopefully helpful), and a Donate page. The website should help familiarize locals and out-of-towners with exactly what is being built.

Attached is a map of the three zones planned (Community, Big Mountain, and Learning).

Here’s the link:

Work Day Cancelled for Sat, June 26

Given that several board members have spent this week helping direct the Deadwood Crew as they make progress through extremely dense brush on BMZ-4 of the new Gateway Trail, we’re cancelling any work this Saturday. It’s been hot and difficult up there, and Saturday is scheduled to be 97 degrees. Not wise to take volunteers into those conditions. Stay tuned for the next work day. Our sincerest thanks to the hard-working guys on Deadwood.

One more thing about the Heart Lake Trail

We were excited to have three new trail volunteers who just moved here from Texas and promptly jumped in to help on the Heart Lake Trail: Craig, Elizabeth, and Thomas. They can be seen in the photo below; Thomas in the red hat, Elizabeth and Craig to his right (our left). Great to have you. Welcome to Mt. Shasta!


Last Saturday, 14 MSTA trail volunteers were joined by two Trail Labs employees (Alyssa and Vinnie) and three USFS employees (Ryan, Haley, and Joe) to further polish the Heart Lake Trail. The first two photos show Alyssa, Vinnie, Ryan, Haley, and Joe digging in some large rocks to armor a gully to prevent further erosion. This was hard and dirty work, and we thank them for this effort (we need young backs and biceps for this stuff).

The rest of us hiked up to the top of the trail before it drops down to Heart Lake; at that spot, we dug in the rest of the trail and moved logs and rocks into the old trail to obliterate it. One photo shows a new trail worker (Jennifer) hauling a huge log with one of our regulars (John K.). The final photo shows the “alpine work group” at a beautiful vista spot. On the way back down, we tried to block off any side trails that could confuse hikers as to the real route.

There’s a bit more buff-up work to do up there, but the bulk of it is now done! Thanks to everyone who participated (special nod to USFS and Trail Labs). If you use the new trail, be aware that your GPS-based apps may take you off the actual trail until all maps are updated. Please follow the pink ribbons and avoid the many side trails.

Third Trail Challenge Stewardship Prize Winner

The Mount Shasta Trail Association is pleased to announce our third stewardship prize winner, J. P.  Jestin. He is a volunteer for the Mount Shasta Trail Association trail work days.

J.P. won a $25 Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce gift certificate that can be used at local businesses. This prize is sponsored by the MSTA.  All prizes can be picked up at the Mount Shasta Visitor center.

Here he is out enjoying the trails!

J P Jestin enjoying the Gateway Trail Network

South Fork Sacramento Field Trip — June 19, 2021

The Shasta-McCloud Management Unit is hosting a field trip to facilitate understanding of the proposed South Fork Sacramento Public Safety and Restoration Project on Saturday June 19th. One aspect of this project is the proposal for additional non-motorized trails. If interested, note that you must sign up by the end of Thursday June 17th. See the poster below for more details.