Birdhouses on sale to benefit MSTA

Tom Ravizza is a very busy guy who always needs a project in order to prevent spontaneous self-combustion. He has created about 20 custom birdhouses while locked down and has donated them to Raven Tree wild bird and nature shop. They are on sale now and most of the profits will benefit the Mount Shasta Trail Association. Please consider dropping by Raven Tree to see these intricate and beautiful birdhouses which will make excellent holiday gifts. Raven Tree is in the Ray’s shopping center in Mt. Shasta and is owned by Kendra Bainbridge. Kendra and Tom are tireless supporters of MSTA. I’m getting my birdhouse today! Really…no kidding…not lying.

Progress on Heart Lake Trail

Sixteen volunteers hiked up from Castle Lake this morning to smooth out the roughed-in new trail segments leading to Heart Lake. We made tremendous progress and the switchbacks look beautiful. The views are spectacular. The new segments are already hikeable (I think that’s a word), although you have to follow the pink pin flags up near the top. People who frequent this area are going to love the changes, I think.

Many thanks to the volunteers who worked so hard today. We’ll continue to improve this trail while the weather lasts.

Amazing Grant News

We have some incredible news to share! On December 7, the California Natural Resources Agency announced $27.7 million in grant funding to projects that expand access to the outdoors and boost recreational opportunities in communities across the state. MSTA was awarded $1.1 million of that total to complete Gateway Phase 2. The grant comes from Prop 68 funding, which was passed in 2018 by California voters. This is an incredible opportunity for us to continue building Gateway Phase 2 along with the @the_mcconnell_foundation grant funding we’ve already received. Thank you to the voters for passing this prop, the Natural Resources Agency for seeing the importance of our project and to our amazing community of trail lovers for supporting us and loving us!

Do You Love Us?

Well, we love you and we love building and maintaining trails in the Mt. Shasta area! Help us keep doing this amazing work by donating on Giving Tuesday. Donations from Giving Tuesday keep us going! You can set up an early donation or wait until December 1st to join the fun. Here’s a video of a typical volunteer work event:

For more information and to donate, here’s the link to our North State Giving Tuesday page:

Thank You!

Support MSTA on Giving Tuesday December 1st!

Please spread the word!

With your support, the Mount Shasta Trail Association has an opportunity to fix some steep, eroding segments of the trail from Castle Lake to Heart Lake—and to reorganize the maze of trails below Heart Lake into one clear pathway. But we have to act right now, before the land ownership changes. 

You can preschedule your donation starting now or on Giving Tuesday December 1st at or mail your donation to PO Box 36, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067. 

View of Castle Lake — Photography © Mike Hupp @dawnpatrolimages

Work day on Ten Gallon Trail tomorrow CANCELLED

You can stay home in your toasty family room tomorrow morning and drink hot butterd rum. The Trail Labs construction crew had to cover slash piles with plastic all week, so didn’t get enough done on the new trail to merit our finish work.

We are cancelling the work day for Saturday, Nov. 21, and will reschedule when weather permits.



Trail Work Day this Saturday, Nov. 21 at 10 am

Winter is approaching, but that won’t stop us from building trails. We’re having another trail work day this Saturday, Nov. 21, starting at 10 am. We’ll meet at the Ten Gallon turnoff on Everitt Memorial Hwy (I’ll be waiting there with my truck to direct people in). The location is roughly 5.5 miles above the high school on the Everitt.

There is some rock work to do along with finish work near the end of the trail where the latest segment is being added. You’ll need gloves, warm clothes, and water. We’ll bring snacks and some drinks. We’ll probably work from 10 to 1.

If we press forward, we might be able to get this section of trail open for use in the next few weeks!



Work on a segment of the new Gateway Trail tomorrow morning

Just in case you’re wondering…

Yes, we’re still on for tomorrow morning at 9.

It will be kinda cold when we begin, but you’ll warm up fast. You’re tough.

We’ll work unless it’s raining hard (very, very unlikely). Snow would be fun.

To get there, drive up Everitt Memorial Hwy about ¾ of the way to Bunny Flat; I’ll be waiting at the side of the road with my brown Toyota pickup at the 10 Gallon Trailhead turnoff. The drive to the trail is about 3/8 of a mile on a reasonable dirt road with plenty of parking in a wide-open area where the trail starts. You’ll be able to leave anytime. Hope to see you there.




Many thanks to the 12 volunteers who drove out North Shore Rd., hiked up the SC Trail, and worked the trail tread to fill holes and improve drainage. That trail is a lot longer than you think. We finished most of it; at least it will be very nice for late fall and winter riding/hiking. We might head back there soon or wait for some rain and work in the spring.

We had a great morning meeting new people, getting out in nature, and eating junk food (eating sweet rolls and chips and Kit Kat bars wasn’t mandatory).