This past week, two work events happened that improved our little city. On Wed., April 22, over 20 people showed up to pick up garbage (yes, there’s nothing like removing trash to get these folks excited). The group searched every nook and cranny on N. MS Blvd. from Alma to the freeway, then along Spring Hill Rd. to the dump, and on Abrams Lake to the Graffiti Bridge. Six pickup loads of junk were taken to the dump. We were such good social distancers!

On Sat., April 25, about 20 determined people showed up to assist Terez Maniatis (of Native Grounds Nursery) and the Beautification Committee of MS in weeding, raking, and cleaning the median strip on Lake St. We’ll look back on the attached photo and laugh about wearing masks while working, but it’s the responsible thing to do.

Thanks to everyone!