In early 2021, Alyssa Winkleman applied for a McConnell Foundation equipment grant to purchase a powered wheelbarrow (also called a canycom) and two chainsaws. Guess what? She received the grant, and after some supply-chain delays we recently took possession of the chainsaws and the canycom (the total grant was for about $8,000). Ace Hardware and Stihl gave us a 15% discount on the chainsaws due to our nonprofit status. In addition, an anonymous donor came up with some chaps, protective helmet, gas can, and files for the chainsaws.

Thanks to Alyssa, the McConnell Foundation, Ace Hardware in Mt. Shasta, and Stihl (and the donor, who will remain anonymous).

The wheelbarrow will allow us to carry rock, gravel, soil, water, cement, or other heavy items up or down the trails. Its capacity is 1000 lb.