Three Volunteer Work Opportunities this Weekend

Thursday evening, 17 trail work volunteers from the Bay Area (known as Trail Center) will be arriving in MS to assist in constructing part of Gateway II. Friday, we’ll be working on “Sisson’s Trail,” which connects McBride Springs Campground to the first segment of Gateway I. A number of locals have put significant time into this trail, which is likely to be the only “hikers-only” trail in the new system. Part of the trail has to be rerouted in a drainage area, some brush removed, water bars constructed, all to US Forest Service standards. At least one USFS employee will be on site to guide our work.

Saturday, we’re likely to continue work on the same trail, then we move on Sunday morning to a nearby site on the already-constructed CZ-5 to armor the trail where it passes through a drainage.

This is a chance to have our local trail volunteers meet and work side by side with these folks who are donating their entire weekend to help us build trail. Yes, it will be hot, but much of this trail is shaded or partially shaded. As is usual, you can come for as long as you want, or just come to say hello. Lunch will be served for volunteers around noon by Glenn Harvey.

I will be parked about a hundred yards up Everitt Memorial Hwy from McBride Campground with the tool trailer by about 8:30 on Friday and Saturday mornings; you can’t miss me unless you want to (which I would understand). We have all the tools and hard hats. If it gets too hot, we’ll quit and go jump in the lake.

Attached is a photo of the trail. Hope to see you.