Trail Challenge Hunt #5

To begin your search for the fifth trail treasure, start at the trailhead that is at the one mile marker of the highway named after a forest supervisor who died fighting the Bear Springs Fire. Travel along the main trail. After crossing a newly build causeway you will see your first glance a basaltic andesite outcropping that looks like a prow of a ship. Find the formation that is remnants of the Sand Flat Cone. This was one  of the first of the Mount Shasta flows, which occurred around 600,000 years ago.

Here are the rules of the hunt. Each time you locate a treasure, send us a photo or description of the treasure along with your contact information to: Then, your name will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize. In addition, the first person to locate each new treasure will receive their choice of a prize, and their name will be placed into the grand prize drawing.  For example, if you find 5 treasures your name will be added five times to the grand prize drawing.