Another Awesome Chance to Work on Trails

Chris Marrone, who never has enough hard work to do, wants to finish brush work on the Gateway access road that we started last Monday (when we took out the downed trees). Getting this finished will make maintenance of the trails much easier, including after Grinduro. We probably got 2/3 of it done already, so there’s not a mammoth job in front of us. We will carpool from the trailhead, so there will not be much hiking.

Let’s meet at 10 am on Wed, May 10 (I have a meeting with the USFS before that and it will warm up a little if we go at 10) at the Gateway Trailhead on Everitt Memorial Hwy (same place as last time). I plan to be finished by noon, especially if we get 8 or 10 people.

Sawyers: this is a good opportunity to practice your brushing skills (maybe some of the hardest of the saw skills). Also, there are a few trees left on the upper parts of Gateway I, as well as 2 small trees just below the second segment of Gateway.