Work on Foundation Link Today

It was raining when I left with the tool trailer this morning, thinking we might have to cancel. As volunteers gathered, the rain stopped. By the time I gave my usual boring safety talk and hiked to the trail (about 20 minutes) it started to clear. When all the late stragglers wandered in, we had a total of 17 workers and the sun came out!! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

The conditions were ideal for trail work and we buffed out the trail to perfection. It was a spectacular morning.

I must confess that I erroneously indicted Ray U as the troublemaker from previous work days, confusing him with Jim W, who showed up today but actually behaved for about 5 or 10 minutes before stirring things up (he appears in the second photo below). Thanks a lot, Jim.

Our trail contractor, Andrew Pellkofer, was out and about scouting the next trail for construction. When he finishes the next segments, we’ll be scheduling similar finish work. Don’t miss out.

I highly recommend you see the new Foundation Link. Just go up the original Gateway Trail from the trailhead about 3/8 mile, and when you see a banked turn curving sharply to the left, the new trail takes off straight ahead and takes you to the start of the Foundation Trail. Try to see it before they start the controlled burn in the area.

Thanks to everyone who helped today!