Fun Trail Work Yesterday on Strawberry Valley Trail

Sixteen of us had a great morning together yesterday heading into the Gateway Trails to buff up the lower portion of the new Strawberry Valley Trail. Half of us trimmed out the encroaching brush that had nearly closed off the trail while the rest hiked up to clean up the tread and the drainages that had suffered a bit from the recent rains. The photos show that it was as much a social event as it was a successful work day. Many thanks to Renee Casterline, Davis Bowden, Kerry O’Brien, Neil Jacobs, Dave Pfurr, John Kelly, Mark Derby, Eric Blomberg, Steve Diaz, Neil Posson, Tony Mills, Mike Bradley, Chris Marrone, and Pat Titus, and Bryson Schreder.

Stay tuned; there will be many more trail days this fall as MSTA, BikeShasta, SORA, and the USFS get together to prep all the new trails for winter (and more importantly, spring!).